Baroque Jewelmer Golden SSP from Cees

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Sep 24, 2007
This is a follow-up to Cees's thread:
Golden Strands

Cees posted this delectable strand, which I loved right away for its chunky drop shapes, the rich and slightly rosy tones and the easy to wear size. I'll admit I was also intrigued by the stringing method, and I love endless necklaces, as clasps can be scratchy on my neck.

Cees's photo:
Cees's photo of baroque GSS strand.jpg
I've not had good success with the way GSSP looked on my skin previously, and figured I was just not going to ever buy them.

I recall trying on one GSSP necklace at Betteridge in Greenwich last year (they have gorgeous jewelry.) The sales lady took one look and told me it was not my color. One look in the mirror was enough to show me that she was right. It was hideous on me.

When I saw Cees's strand I just knew it would go with my skin tone. He had a matching pair of loose pearls which I also bought to make earrings. These pearls are all from Jewelmer farms.

I'll be turning 60 in a few weeks, and since I'm entering my "golden years" it seemed like a good time to buy my first golden pearls. :D

I love these, Cees!

The strand is 10.0-12.5mm and the loose pearls are 10-11mm. It's 18 inches long.
The clasp is a breeze to use. Push in to close, squeeze/pinch the area between the 2 clasp pearls to push the two ends apart. Nice and snug and safe.

The shirt is cream colored.


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I hate to post and run, but I have to drive my daughter back to college. Spring semester is starting.
These babies are staying on my neck for the trip. :)
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The second photo really shows how nice they look on you! Nice, nice, nice.

They'd be on my wrist in a heartbeat...
They look much lighter on Cees' picture but they really are quite golden. I agree they are "your" golden shade.
Pearl Dreams -- they are just delicious on you! Wear in health and happiness. On another note -- I must say it's nice to have my two back in college after a long break. Never, ever thought I'd say that!
Pearl Dreams ... WOW, That's your color! Just beautiful!! Congratulations :)
Those are yummy, and they are perfect for you! Good eye, PD!
Those look just beautiful on you Pearl Dreams. Happy Birthday and welcome to The Club :)
I just knew those beautiful pearls would be coming home to someone on PG! Those are wonderful pearls and look lovely on you! We all seem to be in the same bring the kids back to college boat. Mine was supposed to take NJTransit up to NYC, but decided she had too much stuff to cart back. Fortunately there was NO TRAFFIC either way!

I also love Betteridge...they have great estate pieces, as I recall.
I'm back! Somehow I hit the rush hour traffic just right and got home in only 1.5 hours.

BAS, I know exactly what you mean. Life is simpler and there's a lot less work when my daughter is away at school! But it's going to be too quiet around here again.

Thank you all for enjoying my strand with me! I'll take a close-up of the clasp a little later.
:) Thanks, Katbran! I'm still amazed that I bought them. I really was convinced that GSS were all the wrong color for me.
PearlDreams your strand looks great around your neck! Happy Birthday and welcome to being a Golden Girl ;)