New bluish wssp set from Cees


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Sep 5, 2016
Hi pearl people :eek:!
I had been very quiet here since a major health issue and had to prioritize my treatment first so I banned myself from buying more pearls. Now that everything is back under control, I gave myself the permission to have a few nice treats. I contacted Cees to see if he had some interesting ssp strands in his stock. Covid has made it difficult for me to travel to the Netherlands to see the pearls personally.
He offered me two types of wssp strands : a strand of oval wssp with pink overtone from Paspaley and a strand of baroque wssp with icy blue overtone from Concord.
I grabbed the bluish ones, 10.40x11.90 mm, without much overthinking because a strand of wssp with bluish overtone is quite rare. The first time I saw one was back in May or June 2017. Cees also made me a pair of earrings to match my strand.
First picture is from Cees himself received_3488511511277400.jpg

This is the picture I took this morning. I still have to find a suitable clasp and string the pearls.

Cees told me that he looked for the strand in February 2020 before he left Asia to Europe. Then there was the lock down...

I hope everything goes back to normal and we can travel again to get the best pearls!
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Thanks Charlotta for your compliment. Your pearl collection is drool worthy too.
Beautiful strand and earrings Pareltje! Enjoy them in good health!!��
Thank you, Lilpearl, for your sweet words. :eek: Have a nice week end.
Gorgeous silver stand Pareltje! And I am glad to hear your health is improving!
Healt is #1...pearls just a close second, always ;)
Wendy, I hope we all can go travel the globe again without this Covid hassle!

Pattye, thank you for your sweet words on my choice of pearls. I decided to pick something that mirrors my current situation. Something that's imperfect but unique and beautiful at the same time - just like me LOL.

Douglas, I agree, health is number 1, the rest follows...
I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.
Wow, these sure were worth the wait! Absolutely!
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. What a wonderful way to mark your recovery - they are beautiful. The shapes are divine and the matching is exceptional.
How beautiful Paretje! You must be thrilled! A very special necklace and even more special for the occasion!
So glad you are feeling better, Pareltje. Your new strand of baroques is just gorgeous!!!
Beautiful new pearls, Pareltje, and so very happy to hear it’s to treat yourself! Take good care of yourself and glad you are feeling better!:eek:
Thank you, lisa c, SydK, eolian pearls, Marianne, Katbran and Jeg for your appreciation of my newest purchase of pearls.
Thank you again for your care and concern about my health, it means the world to me :eek:.
I look forward to stringing the pearls as soon as I find some free time.
Thank you, Bernadette. I wish you were in EU so I could quickly grab some of your Beaders Secret.
Congratulations Pareltje ... on your health improving, and those absolutely lovely pearls. May you finish them off and wear to celebrate the little joys in life improving! Blessings.
Thank you, Cathy :eek:. You are such a dear pearl friend! I finished stringing them yesterday and I'm now proudly wearing the necklace.