My new golden south sea necklaces


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Mar 14, 2019
People here are right in which you just can't have one pearl necklace, and so I bought 2 golden south sea ones to add in my collection. One strand is light-medium golden drop/baroque shape and ranges from 9.5-11.5mm and from Indonesia. The other was sold as dark golden more off round/button/oval shape sizes 10-14mm from the Phillipines. Both strands do have blemishes on the pearls, but hard to tell from little distance away. Tried to get some pictures of it in different lighting and comparing them side by side. It is funny how in some lighting looks more yellowish, and others more gold depending on light. The brighter colors of it are taking outside cloudy day and others are a mixture of window light/indoor light together. Here are some pics enjoy :). Again tried my best, but not the best pictures :), and ignore the red neck please lol


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wow both are beautiful! I really want a strand like yours from the Philippines~
Excellent choices, I absolutely love the color and sizes����
Oh, MY! Beautiful, lustrous pearls! Yes, you have definitely been bitten by the Pearl Bug! I want to get another GSS strand to go with the one I already have & I want to get a long WSS & GSS ombré strand. Just have to find the one that speaks to me. Your's are quite beautiful!
I love long necklaces, (so i can admire them, which is usually why I get rings :) ) but can't really afford a long GSS necklace that long so both are arond 17", so I ask for a lobster clasp when the string the pearls so I can add a long extender to make it look longer, but it is still short enough that it is behind my neck and you can't see it is with my hair down :). Got my big one from Continental pearls for a price I can't believe. I by the strands and then the vendors string them for me. Continental pearls was really fast shipped it out withing a couple of days. Like I said they do have blemishes I think AA they are (which is why the price was good), but with the luster it is hard to tell from far away )
userangl, you could link the 2 necklaces end to end to wear as a rope, too. You could even hang a pendant (pearl, or other) from the lobster clasp in front.

If you find that you prefer wearing them as a rope, you could restring them as one long necklace...but then you could only wear them as a rope.