Baroque Jewelmer Golden SSP from Cees

Thanks, newberry!

Here is the closeup of the harpoon clasp. It feels very secure and is easy to operate:
Push together to close. It clicks shut.
To open, it's not really pulling apart but rather applying a pinching or squeezing pressure with thumb and index finger where the two end pearls meet. This presses them apart without stressing the stringing material.

Edited to add: I just saw a page about this kind of clasp in Anna Tabakhova's book, Clasps: 4000 Years Of Fasteners In Jewellery (Ms. Tabakhova is PG member CLICLASP).

Quoting from page 124:

"21st Century, 2009, France, Paris, Schmittgall.

"Schmittgall has specialized in cultured pearls since 1926.
"The clasp is made of a tube slotted in four places, slightly swelled in the middle and bowed at the end. The tube is pushed into a hollow plug set in the last pearl on the other end. This mechanism is inspired by the molly bolt® used by plasterers which are expandable sleeves that side into a hole and apply pressure against the wall. The pearls are strung-- thanks to a patented system-- on a steel cable which resists the slight pull its opening requires...."


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    Harpoon clasp close up from GSS strand.jpg
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Happy Happy Milestone Birthday in advance and enjoy every minute of your new birthday beauties.
They look wonderful on you!
Pearl Dreams, that is the perfect golden strand for you! they are just killer on your neck! excellent way to celebrate your birthday. :) And, happy birthday!
Thanks juliebeth! I have to admit I'm feeling less negative about the prospect of turning 60 with this strand to soften the blow. :p
Happy Birthday to our latest Golden Girl! Your new strand looks lovely on you.
Thank you JerseyPearl, IcyJade and KaySD!!

I wore them today and loved how the gold stood out against a dark shirt. :)

This is the clasp when closed; very inconspicuous.


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    the harpoon clasp closed.jpg
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I'll come back and take some more photos after shoveling the snow we got from yesterday's storm! :)
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Having cleared away our 12" of snow (not complaining; many areas got much more) I caught a few photos in the fading afternoon light.

I'm still trying to decide whether to make studs or dangles with the 10-11mm loose pearls. There are advantages and disadvantages either way.


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I am really loving this setting with a round pearl: IMG_3006.jpg Of course for a golden, you'd probably want to use yellow gold instead of white gold, although I do like white and gold together! Your pearls appear to have a subtle pink to them, so maybe even rose gold would be a good choice.
How does that clasp, JerseyPearl? Can you show me a sideways view of the earring?

Because my left piercing is about .5mm higher than my right, some findings are too tight for the left ear. I have PP's leverback findings with my Freshadamas but I will have to pass them along to my daughter (who has my Freshadama strand) as they pinch my left ear.
Pearl Dreams, you may have already tried this ... but mentioning just in case ... on those leverbacks that are too tight, a good jeweler has a little tool and can usually adjust the tightness of most leverbacks either way, looser or tighter. It can work miracles, and did for me on a pair of sapphire hoops that were too tight, and much tighter in one ear. I had no idea they could be adjusted ...