Baroque Jewelmer Golden SSP from Cees

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
A perfect fit for your lobes.
Thanks Happy Huku! I'm going to wear them on a date with hubby today later today.
I don't know how I missed this thread last year! Are these the GSSP you referred to recently as your favourites Pearl Dreams? They are gorgeous! I love your studs as well. How would you describe the colour terms of the 14,18,22,24k gold range? Your pearls are full of colour, slightly rosy and so bright.
Yes, hanadama, these are the ones I was referring to.

These are also my only pearl necklace that my daughter loves. I don't know what will become of my other pearls after I'm gone, but these at least will have a good home!

Cees called the 2 strands "deep golden" and "dark golden" in his original thread (link is in the first post) but I don't know if that translates to 24K necessarily, or whether 22K is also "deep/dark golden". :confused: I have nothing to compare it with. All I know is that this color works for me, whatever it is.

I've taken to wearing black tops more as they seem to love being paired with black-- like this one:


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Argh regardless of the correct description, this colour is amazing! I just found out that one of the high end pearl stores here sell Jewelmer - Definitely checking it out!

Your daughter is very young still, I have no doubt her taste for pearls will develop over time.
I missed this thread too. PD, those goldens are lovely on you and perfectly suited for your skin tone!
I was way behind on this thread and PD, I have to say, those Goldens are absolutely beautiful! I love that size for a stud. It is my personal favorite. Happy Belated Birthday and many, many more!
Thanks ladies, glad you like them!

Hanadama, if the jeweler lets you snap a few photos, do!
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3 years ago I bought these GSS drop earrings from ROLAY on Etsy. They go well with my necklace from Cees.

Rolay dangle earrings with my GSS necklace from Cees.jpeg
Rolay dangle GSS earrings forum.jpeg
Happy to hear! :arms:
They sure are!