My latest loots


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Oct 6, 2014
The Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2016 started last Friday and I picked up a couple of items from the fair.

1. An off round peacock tahitian strand, 8.9-11.6mm (pictured below with another baroque rope that I got earlier this year)
2. A pair of blue baroque ssp, 11-12mm
3. A pair of tahitian peacock drops, 10mm
4. A loose 16mm ssp (the 'egg') (pictured below with some other loose pearls that I got earlier, a large t drop n the 'bean')
5. Deep golden ssp studs, 11mm

Also got another strand that is with the vendor for stringing:
6. Circled tahitian rope, 8-14mm

The fair was disappointingly small this year but of course still good to shop n also good to meet up with Kalmen n YC at the fair & to peek at their buys. :)

Pics of the pearls taken either at my balcony or under flouroscent lights (for the neck shots). I'll come back to post the rope when I finally get it.


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Yea it was good to meet u. .even though it was a short in and out for me.
Those peacocks were amazing.
And icy has the best eyes. She picked out a madama which was so pretty bUT beyond my budget.

Can't wait to see what u do with them
You Singapore girls are double lucky! You have droolworthy pearls and droolworthy hawker food! Yum!
Icy, you never disappoint! Your purchases are stellar. What will you do with that egg? I'd have a difficult time setting it as I would want to play with it, rolling it around in my fingers, all day long! Your peacock strand is incredible, and those blues and golds make me weak in the knees. Enjoy them all!
WOWEE! Gorgeous loot! I'm going to have to get you to go shopping for me next year ;) I've been wanting to get some Golay pearls! I especially love "the egg" and the GSSP studs; were those items particularly expensive, if you don't mind my asking?
Always a treat to see your new loots, Icy. You have such a great eye.
Wow icy, you picked up some amazing pearls. The Tahitians are especially lovely with their bright, flashy overtones. And the GSSP studs are delicious!
It is such a treat to see these latest purchases, Icyjade! Each and every one is gorgeous but my favorite is that strand. The teals and purples are out of this world. Wear them all in the best of health!
Thank you for all your kind comments!

JP: for egg I want to set as a ring. Below is a shot I took at the fair. Still thinking of the setting tho. Will be quite a while before I set the 3 big pearls but in the meantime I get a lot of pleasure from just looking/playing with them.


MSC: I think they are reasonable for the quality n rarity. Both r not from Golay btw. The strand n goldens are from Eiko. The egg n peacock pair from Raystar n the blue baroque ssp n circled rope from Golay.

Kalmen: n the madamas look really good on your slim graceful neck! (vs my tree trunk one)
Popped by Golay briefly today to discuss my strand/clasp n wanted to take a pic of that fabulous strand that I raved about on another thread but unfortunately it was already packed for shipping.

So I took pics of some of the new stock n the more interesting tahitian strands to share but unfortunately the pic colors r terrible (office lighting n overcast day) but hope you still enjoy them:

A lot of new stock for these mixed tahitian n akoya strands as apparently they were well received. 3-11mm





Some color graduated n a wave strand:




Will try to remember to take pics next time I see anything interesting.
IcyJade, your new treasures are beautiful; congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing photos from the show ... it would be a dream to walk the Golay and Eiko booths with you :) All those wave strands are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!