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  • Hi Pattye, I just now looked at my profile and saw your birthday wishes. Thank you so very much. I had a lovely day with my sons. I'm going to go to the Ruckus this year so I look forward to meeting you there. Cynde
    Hello Pattye, thank you for your friendship request which I'm honoured and delighted to accept :) I feel as if I know you from seeing you in the 'Ruckus' photos! I really enjoy being a P-G member, looking, learning and making friends with fellow pearl-lovers. This is a great place :):):)
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    hai pattye..i'm mahmud from indonesia, i have many collection of natural pearl, if you interested just send me news to my email : abi_lombok_pearl@yahoo.com
    thanks and regards
    Our birthdays are one day apart. No wonder why I feel so comfortable around you. And we do like a lot of the same things, don't we?!!! ;)
    Dear Pattye:
    Thanks for the encouragement about school and for the great pearls. I get compliments every time I wear the white pendant and earrings. Can't wait for the blue keshi. Love your website.
    Thanks for the compliment Pattye. I survived being videotaped at GIA, so everything else should get easier. ;)
    This time it "only" took me one and a half months to see your kind message.
    As for the blog, unfortunately I'm getting less feedback than I would like.
    Any helpful tips will be welcomed.
    Hey Patty! Thanks for the picture comment! I hope you're managing to stay cool! The heat is just brutal isn't it?
    Hi Pattye, what a collectionof pearls you have! Nice pearls! Do you teach in Oregon. My teacher is from Oregon, and she graduated from Oregon state university.
    Thanks, Pattye!!! I always have fun not telling anyone about my birthday then guilting them the next day, and they all think it's an April Fool's Joke (I'm that type...). I sucked in my intern at work today. Woooo!!! So thoughtful of you. Thanks!
    Hi Pattye, Thank you for visiting my album. I did not see your message until today. Your collections are superb!!!. Your four precious jewels are so lovely :).
    Vacations visiting family are fun, and always interesting, aren't they? I am looking forward to the summer, when I can go visit my parents in India! :)
    Hi Pattye! So where did you go on vacation? Hope you had a nice time. I have recently been on vacation in Egypt and Dubai .....was truly amazing and memorable. Have put up a few pics on my profile page....:)
    Pattye, thank you so much for the greetings. I saw them 3 days latter.
    Thanks for getting on my friends list! I don't have too many on this forum, mind you, I'm not the most active member of it. Your posts are always interesting. I check forum almost daily, but do not write too much on it. Mostly I feel that other members know way more than I... so I read and learn... and keep quiet...
    It was great! Thanks so much....and you are not late :) It is still December, isn't it? :D
    That was a lovely picture of you, your daughter-in-law and your grand daughter in the Bazaar thread. You all look beautiful!!:) And of course, I LOVE your jewelry!
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