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  • Hi Pattye,
    Thanks for asking to give a link to my forum, I am always pleased when people are interested in this internet-baby of mine )) However it's all in Russian, so it can hardly be useful for you - maybe we could make an English section, need to think about that... However, I can give you a link to the part of my site which contains dog pictures made by me and my friends - hope you will enjoy it. It's here - (budka means kennel, by the way).
    Thanks for the invite to be your "friend". It's such a nice feeling to have someone ask to be your friend!
    Hi Pattye,
    Your pearl pictures are beautiful - my favorites are the platinum pearls! Such a gorgeous color and wonderful luster!:) Are those your grandkids in the other photo? They are adorable. Mira sounds likes an Indian name! :)
    Hi Pattye,
    Thank you, Pattye. You are so nice. It takes hundreds of pics to filter out the nicer ones.
    What a nice surprise! I wish we were closer together so we could enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine together. ;)
    Hi. I love your pearl collection photos. I checked out your website. Very nice. My favorite: the purpley pearls - I love the color combination you used.
    Hi there, yes there are lots of budgies in Canada, mostly the smaller ones although you will occasionally find the bigger British ones here. My mom has one. Mine is called pickles and she is a circus budgie! We made her a jungle gym with paper towel tubes and she is always running through them!
    Hi! Loved the pearl you sent! Returned a check to you for the chain but am concerned that because of the holiday weekend, you may not have gotten it yet. keep your eyes peeled please.
    Hi Pattye - I sent a PM to you about photography stuff. We'll get you set up just right!
    I would love to see you add a gallery of your pearl photos here. No pressure, it's just that I love your pearls so much and I know you must be hiding some new ones. Heh Heh. Muah hah ha!
    Thank you - I'm still trying to sort out how I get around on the site to reply and things - LOL - and I am overcome with the fabulous pictures of pearls, pearls, pearls...I'm in heaven.
    "Snorting Happens", I like it! ;)

    Actually, since I wasn't drinking when you made me snort, you should feel especially proud...
    Of course, as you well know, if you get a couple of drinks in me, snorting happens! ;)
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