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  • Hi Blaire,
    I'm glad you're improving.
    The redi-prongs fit over broken off prong sites, come w the stuff that you solder with, maybe flux? My x and I did a little stained glass for a while, for fun, I think it's called flux.
    I'm not going to venture it; I thought they fit over broken sites like a tight sleeve, and that's not how it works. A little research, and asking for opinions helps every time. Don't want to put too many irons into the fire.
    Learning to string will be enough for now. I get really eager and ambitious, and plans can easily exceed my energy.

    Thank you! I hope typing didn't tax your strength too much. You need to take care while recovering.
    Hi Blaire,
    How are you feeling? I don't go on FB, I have an ex-HSclassmate who keeps popping up to IM me the minute I sign in, but CBear says you're sick. Nothing serious, I hope.
    A business qu for you since you're into jewelry making- what do you think of redi-prongs? They're on closeout @ Stachura; there's probably a reason for that?
    Anyone else into 'bench work', would you give feedback also? Not that I'd know what I'm doing, I guess. Well, it's fun to think I can try my hand at anything, however misguided that thought may be. That's one reason I love PG, folks give me info that saves me from myself.
    Feel better,
    Lisa C
    You do look much much younger. You are so lucky to have such great genes!
    I see you must be Monkey by Chinese astrology. That is interesting :). I am not a big astrology fan but have checked and therefore know about the signs of people around me. Monkeys I know, I am one, and also 2 of my good friends. Fun never stops between monkeys ;)
    Well, you are not looking, on you profile picture, as anybody was going to call you away any time soon ;). May I ask how "old" you are?
    Getting older has never been issue for me- I really feel young. Not 20 though, but not 40 either, that I actually am :).
    It is taking me awhile to learn the navigation of this site. I have been reading so much. I appreciate your pearl friendship.
    Hi - Thanks for the invitation. What are you up to? Love the hat and the cats!
    Dear Blaire,

    Happy late birthday wishes!!! I hope you had a great day and still having a great birth week ;)!

    OMG! Well, your nose is a success!!! utterly natural looking.

    I had a t-tuck in conjunction w abdominal repair in '97, and I wish I'd saved the $ for a facelift and nose pruning, since I lost the ex anyway. Nah, I'm lying, I needed it, couldn't cough or sneeze without holding my abdomen. Hey, at least he paid for it(grin).

    I hope you're having a great day!
    Gee, Blaire, I read your birthday post. I hope you are cheered up. Getting older is no fun physically (ask me, I know), but you're absolutely gorgeous so take heart. Look at the pic above - you're beautiful! Don't say it's just makeup, look at the beautiful big eyes, and beautiful smile, and I wish I had your nose! All the people who love you can't be wrong, either, and they're saying you're the best! Have a beautiful birthday,
    Lisa C
    Hi! Thank you for inviting me. I didn't know we could have friends, and all! I've been diving into the old forum posts, and haven't read all the site information and features yet. There's so much to learn - PG and all the folks on it are very generous with time and information. I'd love to have a new friend. I guess I should attend to my profile.
    Happy Birthday soon! My daughter just had a b'day the 23rd, and my little nephew the 24th. I love celebrating b'days, like a mental salute w bubbley (or sparkling cider), grateful to have certain people on the planet.

    Hello Blaire -
    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! I hope you are well. :)
    Hi Blaire!

    It was really nice to find your friendship request in my e-mail few days ago. :) Thanks !

    Congrats on your GIA Rare pearls talk! I know you were fabulous! Wish I could have been there!
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