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  • Hi Pearl Angel -
    For your coppery gold earrings wish: Did you review the PP metallic freshwater selections? The coppery and gold tones in those pearls are amazing - I am wearing mine again and again.

    Wishing you pearly golden goodness -
    Hi Pearl Angel! Thanks for your lovely messages. Please feel free to look at my website too. I send pearls directly from China, so that they are not only good quality but also cost effective.

    I loved reading your post about your pearl package. Hope you recover well with your PT. Wish you good health and happiness..:)
    Hello Pearl Angel, thank you for your message. Yes I read your post about the thrilling opening of the package containing your exotics! I'm happy for you that you have such beautiful pearls :) They are a well-deserved treat as you cope with your physical therapy journey.

    I have had two long PT journeys myself due to accidental injuries so I can appreciate what you are going through. Never give up Pearl Angel no matter how tough and how painful it gets because the end result will be worth it :):)

    I am a mature lady too, widowed with a beautiful 21y.o. son. Most of my pearls are from the lovely Cathybear who is a member here. She is in Australia but thousands of miles from me! You can find the link to her website if you look on her profile page. Check it out, her photos and her pearls are glorious!
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Pearl Angel I'm new to all this so sorry I have not responded. Still figuring it all out. Newberry
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