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  • Blaire:
    Thank you so much. I love that little pendant. Now for the next questions. I'm having trouble running down a clustered headpin in 14K. Do you carry them?
    Go right ahead. It's a sweet little pendant and it won't mind having a sister! ;)
    They say perjury is the sincerest form of flattery. However, I both admire your creative instincts and wish to give you credit. Would you be offended if I made a pendant with a similar bail to the one you have displayed? It's so cool.
    Hey, girl - I missed you last weekend!!! Want to be my facebook friend? You can find me under Sheri Jurnecka, if you'd like to "friend" me.

    xo - S.
    Hey, I haven't looked at your profile for a long time. I love the Sea of Cortez pearl earrings in your album. Beeeautiful pearls!
    Dearest Blaire - yes the girl is on her way back now.
    I have loads of pics from China that I can't get off my phone!!!! AAAAAHHHH!
    Still trying though.
    Mikey promised to be nice to her on the flight back to LA and keep her away from the beverages!
    Hi Blaire, I'm sorry you 'felt faint' when you saw my deep purple necklace and I do hope you've recovered ;) Yes it's any excuse to look in a mirror when I'm wearing that one!
    Regards from Kerry.
    BTW, I love your avatar! So cool. Do you know where I can get a real life shell like that?
    I just saw your message from like days and days ago! I'm so dumb, I don't know how to use this function! DUH! So, YO back!
    Hi Blaire,
    I just looked at your jewellery album, WOW!!!! There are so many beautiful pieces pictured that I simply can't choose a favorite ;) I love the necklace you made with the stunning baroque pearl drop, it has such an Art Nouveau look. Thank you for sharing these beauties :)
    Regards from Kerry.
    No, I did not know about orange cats being usually boys. I had a light orange boy hamster, when a child. He was very productive with the black fur girl hamster, making a lot of black babies :) :)
    I do know little about the cats, I have only had hamsters and a dog. After she passed I just could not take a new dog.
    Octavia is all grown up then. Good for her going out to see the world ;). Did you put her thorough college/university? :)
    Octavia, the "soft shell" baby, who's on the world tour with Nerida? :). Haha, and I somehow thought Cleveland was a girl :). Where did you actually get Octavia from? Did you "made" her yourself or somebody else did? Funny kind of baby you've got, funny in a good way ;)
    Hi Blaire! Are the kitties all yours? Which one is Octavia's mom, Cleveland or Savannah? :).

    Well, take care of yourself.
    Thank you again for prompting me to think a little deeper about project details!
    Lisa C
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