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  • I'm sorry, what do you mean by "needle gauge"? If you mean size of a needle, then I really don't know - I've seen only one type of pearl needles available in Tallinn.
    If you are only starting to knot, then maybe you could try the method doing it without sliding knots with the needle right away - there is a lot info here in PG.
    Good luck ;)

    Been busy and away from PG.
    No, I have not taken any classes. A friend of mine showed me how she knots. So I tried and it was not that terrible :). I use a needle to slide the knot to the right place. Now I want to learn another method. I have got silvery dyed rice fw-s waiting ;)
    Me, too. I have been making simple earrings, but have not tried my hand at necklaces. Do you use an instruction book, or take classes?
    Well, I am a beginner in jewelry making. I have put together some pearl necklaces so far and now planning to try out making earrings ;)
    Thanks for friending me! I make some of the simpler designs, such as freshwater drop earrings. It's fun - do you make jewelry?
    Hey, thanks! Busy, but having fun. Sales keep moving steadily forward though most are not as large as I'd like. Things are tough for everyone, I know. BTW, I love your avatar. Do you make the cuddly stuffed oysters?
    Welcome Johanna! I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum as the rest of us do.
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