Tom Stern's natural pearls

The information does not reassure me. Try to take a look at the video on my Facebook page. It begins with one of my men controlling a yellow sack full of sea snakes. Finding pearls is not for the weak-hearted. Having seen these snakes, maybe I'm done hunting for pearls. Tom
Personal communications with renowned divers and malacologists operating in the Philippines?
Following the coral reef smuggling tabloid affair, legislative lobbying by environmental activists had severely threatened the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of shell industry workers, primarily on Cebu. As an industry-saving response, a new self-policing organization has been created by the most influential shell dealers, including those procuring rare shells (and pearls) for collectors, albeit representing a minuscule percentage of the shells taken. Green Trade Organization and its logo will be used by those dealers adhering to Philippine Fish & Wildlife and CITES regulations. The GTO logo will be used on websites and in printed materials.
Because somewhere we read that P.sterna glows red while others do not, I'm looking for that reference. Actually, I'm asking my son to track it down. If anyone has any scientific references on this question, please post.
CortezPearls mentions organic coffee...did you know that the most expensive coffee on earth, Very organic, comes from Sulu and other islands with similar latitudes? Yup, it is known as "Alamid" coffee, which sells for $50 a pot in Japan, but only $35 in Australia.

Dear Lord! $50 USD for pot of coffee!!! I'll enjoy my organically grown coffee from Oaxaca any day... with its "skimpy" price of $8 dollars per kilo.

Going back to the issue of the pink-red can find references in many places: Newmann's book, Strack's book, Kieffert et al GIA article in 2004... it is no secret. Now, I believe most people never noticed this fact on other species of Pteria because those pearls are not as dark as those from our waters: our "white" Pteria sterna pearls DO NOT GLOW Pink.

But, I have examined Pteria penguin & Pteria colymbus shells...and if the shells have a dark or deeper color (copper, golden) they will also fluoresce in pink-red.
Sex and the Wild Pearl

Sex and the Wild Pearl

This is the link to to purchase Sex and the Wild Pearl.



Sales of Sex and the Wild Pearl beginning to go well, with many of the world pearl experts now aware. Because the book is in color with so many photos, the production cost was very high. Yolanda set the price almost at cost...i.e. she might make half a dollar a copy profit....just so you know that the price is reasonable.

Click on the link above.

According to those remote publishing powers, Yolanda's book Sex and the Wild Pearl will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. online in about 10 days.
I have also received my copy. I'm wondering if the self-published volume is intended as a preview of the above-mentioned?
Steve, It will be the same book coming to Amazon, etc. as soon as the technical people finish. Tom
Invitation to friends...if you can attend, I'll arrange a formal invite. Free for you

Invitation to friends...if you can attend, I'll arrange a formal invite. Free for you

Gusi Peace Prize International

Requests the pleasure of your company for the awards ceremony

2011 Gusi International Peace Prize for Humanitarian and Social Works

To Laureates

Thomas Kim Dalseth Stern, M.D.
United States of America

Dr. Yolanda Ortega Stern
Republic of the Philippines

November 24, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.

Philippine International Convention Center


Tuxedo or Barong Tagalog for men

Formal gown for women

(Dress Code Strictly Enforced)​

RSVP to this email before September 28, 2011​

Update on new pearl finds

Update on new pearl finds

Hello, All,

Some unseasonal typhoons reduced our natural pearl finds in the Celebes Sea; but in some kind of cosmic equilibration, those our divers did find were excellent...and HUGE. As soon as I can get some good photos, I'll post pictures of some of the best that have laboratory reports.

Best regards to all,
Mr and Mrs Stern,

Congratulation for the important prize,

Also the Celebes sea prize you with excellent and huge pearls, and I hope to see them soon

I want to point out that my article, in Italian and English, on my discovery of natural pearls has been published in "Argonauta", online magazine by “International Malacology Association” , see link:

I think the article may provide more detailed information.

Best Regards

Gianpiero Piva
I just want to make very clear, since I brought the subject up- again- that I think the gem labs are very mistaken when they label some of Tom's pearls as "Keshi". I certainly do not understand the science of that. The pearls come from the waters around Sulu and I don't think they have ever cultured pearls there.

They do culture SS pearls in the Philippines. The only way the scenario that the GIA paints when a pearls is declared a keshi can go, is to assume the people who culture pearls, find large round keshi and instead of declaring them, they sneak them off to Sulu to be "found" by fishermen who sell to prince, Datu, Dr Sir Tom, as natural. Something really stinks, here and until I see some paper that can prove scientifically which are natural pearls and which are keshi, I don't blame Tom for taking an end run around them. It really messes with his business to have to go through the GIA and get certified as having some farmed pearls.

After all, what he has are enormous solid nacre pearls which did not grow on farms in another country, then get disappeared from the aboveboard farm and smuggled out to a conspirator who can get them sold as natural then, eventually pay the grower more than he could have gotten by just saying, "these are perfectly round keshi of sizes as you have never seen, before. He spent thousands of dollars to get his pearls certified, but after a couple of years of "This one is a keshi, that one is natural, that one is a keshi, this one is a natural", I would probably start my own lab- or maybe take them to Bahrain, or just stand behind them, myself, as Tom does.

His stance does not put him in favor with the GIA crowd- and its offsprouts, but perhaps, they are the ones who are wrong. I sure would like to see a defense of their position!!!!! In any case, he has the biggest, best, modern solid nacre pearl collection around and the time and resources to dispose of it properly, which for the sake of his adopted country, should be at the highest prices possible. Calling those pearls keshi just doesn't do them justice.

Of course the big auction houses call the keshi natural pearls, anyway. With confusion such as this reigning, why are the labs so definite in their assessments?

As you already know, I am quit willing to eat crow when I take a position away from the prevailing one and am proved wrong, but in order to prove me wrong, someone has to solve this problem, and that is the outcome I desire, whether I am right or wrong. So to take the contrary stance is not a position many pearls professionals would want to do, but I have nothing to lose if I am wrong, amateur that I am. I was the first to call the Pearl of Allah a big hoax and I sure was right on that one. Though I took a bit of flack from certain forum members, who still don't like me to this day, Jeremy came out on my side and helped me get to the bottom of it. Though I was the second one to call Zeide a big hoax, I was the one with all the ammo, (a long memory) once I realized how wrong I had been.

BTW Tom has a wonderful sense of humor and is actually a rather humble man to talk to, so I know he doesn't mind me laughingly use a variety of honorifics for him, first, because I will never get them straight and second, I am sure he deserves every single one.
Ebook of Sex and the Wild Pearl

Ebook of Sex and the Wild Pearl

This is the link to the E-book for "Sex and the Wild Pearl" by Yolanda Ortega Stern. $9.99. It works best on color-capable devices because there are so many photographs.

Pearl gathering includes great dangers. Just a few weeks back, several fishermen were murdered by pirates or paramilitary groups. We don't exploit pearl divers, we support them when no one else dares even travel to them. Basically, we are holding our stocks because prices are on the rise. Our son, however, has a small number for the marketplace. He might put up a stand at the Las Vegas Gem show, in Antiques.

Regards to all,
Datu Tom
If you don't mind, I would like to put the off topic posts in their own thread. This always upsets some people, but now that the topic is almost exhausted, I would rather this very long thread did not have too many off-topic posts. I am going to call the new thread, Bona fides and put it n the Other Stuff section.
I never did split the thread, as you can see, but this thread still stands as one of the best ever on this forum due to to genuine, scientific exploration of a number of pearly issues.

I do have one question after reading the entire thread through again. There was a challenge that certain pearls could not be nautilus, because they had flame patterns and nautilus are nacreous. It just made me wonder why some tridacna pearls have a flame and some don't. There certainly is no flame in any clam shell I know of- or is there?