Tom Stern's natural pearls


Natural Pearl Connoisseur
Oct 29, 2007

I'm new to the Forum; but I have a large number of GIA certified natural pearls for investment buyers, Is anyone else going to the International Pearl Conference in Dubai on November 19, 2007?

Please feel free to contact me at this email.

Tom Stern, MD
San Francisco, CA
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Hi Dr. Tom
Welcome. Do you have a web page? If so, put it under your signature.

Could you/would you put some pictures up? We love pictures of natural pearls and see all too few of them..........

Ps. I really hope someone who is going to the Dubai pearl conference will post here about it.
If you reduce it to the size I told you in my email 400 pixels high by 600 wide, it will not be too big.

Here it is properly sized. This is a good start. Thanks


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DrTKStern said:
I tried to upload, but file is 4MB and may be too large. Is it visible anywhere?

Nope. That's way too big. It has to fit a horizontal window of 620 x 280 and jpeg files are limited to 19.5 KB (it looks like all formats are the same size).

I use PhotoShop to crop and reduce the size before posting. I'm not sure, but you might be able to use your computer's basic photo editor to do this. If you reduce the size and the file is still to big, you might have to reduce the resolution, also something I do in PhotoShop.

Let Caitlin know via private message that you are trying to post photos, so she doesn't give you the boot.;)
Okay, I was writing while Caitlin was posting. Is that your pearl jewelry? Wow!

Yes, the site says 280, but 400 seems right in actuality!
Tom, tell me about the jewel. Did you get them from the Philippines?
Natural Pearls

Natural Pearls

My cache of natural pearls comes from Borneo, Sarawak area.
intersting author bio on that link there Tom, seems you had/have a bit of gold fever eh.
Hi Tom
Yeah this one was 4 mb. See how I cropped it to the edge so it includes little but the pearls? that is step number one. I personally like to reduce it by clicking on "Image" when you have the photo open. The on "resize" I pick 1.33 height x 1.77 width (more or less) or I switch to pixels and pick 400 high x620 wide. then it will be the right size.

BTW Looks like a Middle Eastern suite- Gulf? India? It has bigger pearls but the gold looks 21-22k. I just read that they are from Borneo. We cold use an education on that!


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yes keep posting, its not very often you get to see pics of pearls like these.
Necklace set

Necklace set

Borneo is almost entirely Muslim, with strong Arabic influence. This suite is probably 17th Century and belonged to the Sultan at that time. In fact, I bought it from the royal family. It could be significantly older. We gave about 50 pieces of 12th Century gold jewelry to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and a couple of them had features similar to this set.
Thanks for the background. Wopuld love to hear more- like how did you get into a position to get those pearls? What a story that must be.

Strack does not mention much in regard to Borneo. she says that the main pearls from there are from pinctada maxima, though she does mention Placunae and margaritifera (if I spelled that right)
It sounds like you could write a nice paper on Borneo pearls that would add to the pearl literature.
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Conch Pearl

Conch Pearl

Last week I purchased a Caribbean conch pearl in Bonaire, already set in a ruby ring. I visited more than 100 jewelry stores on 11 different islands before finding a conch pearl. The pearl dealers say that conch pearls in the region are becoming extremely rare. Please post attached photo. Thanks.

Dr. Stern's images are wonderful. I found it impossible to access his website for some reason. Are there more posted?

Kunz does indeed have an index. On p.221 he mentions Pados Bay, Borneo. One hundred persons find employment fishing the Placuna oysters. They sell to Chinese in the village of Batu Batu.

Kunz has a wealth of information but not much more on Borneo.

Hi Richard
I just emailed Tom Stern. I am not sure why his webpage didn't work, but his email is good.

And I found Kunz' index. Glad to know there is one!