GIA Certified Natural Pearls on Ebay


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Dec 16, 2010
Earlier this year a woman found a strand of pearls at a thrift store and came to PG to ask about them. Jeremy told her he thought they were wild natural pearls and to contact the GIA and have them tested. She did and the strand is genuine, wild and truly beautiful. Her strand was posted on ebay, if anyone is interested, I ran into it today.
eBay item number:132757065628

"GIA certified. Strand consists of 137 natural saltwater pinctada, near-round, cream, graduated (2-5.57) pearls. Clasp is platinum and set with a transparent near-colorless marquise brilliant diamond. The tongue is magnetic and may have been replaced at some point. Total length of strand is 17 inches. " Information from the ebay listing.

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Yummy! I will gladly egg on anyone on the P-G who is considering it ...
Well, I checked out the Ebay listing. Too expensive for me.

I want to know where these great thrift stores are where people find natural pearls and Mikimoto strands, but I'm sure not finding them in central Florida.
That is amazing! If I found that in a thrift shop I would keep it, not sell it! I do wish I would find something like that, imagine how exciting that would be!
It's a beautiful strand but I wonder if she's got it priced too high for ebay. Wish I could find something like that! I'd keep it for sure!
A gorgeous strand, for sure, but way too rich for my blood!
ETA: I don't think auctions are getting that high in prices for pearls of those sizes...
I wish mines could have sold for that price...
I put them on local auction, with "specializing in natural pearls" I lost 500$ on the 3 necklaces I put on sale, and purchased them for 1/10 of the ebay list price....
one had 1.5-5mm graduation, other 2-4,5, last was baroque shaped to 8mm with 10g of 18K gold central piece, I was hoping so much from the auction house, they made a really poor job, listing at the last time, poor pictures and describing as "meant to be natural pearl", the expert (auction house master) was even not able to take her responsabilities and sell as natural pearls.
These pearls shold go for 800 to 2000€ range in normal auction condition...
The auction house was Aguttes Lyon, specialized in natural pearls, hum...
I have about 10 natural pearl necklaces, from 5 to 8,2 mm central pearl, and I won't trust them anymore for reselling them...

I hope yours will sell for decent price on ebay, even it can stay a while...
I think the actual price is a very bit expensive, a similar clasped necklace was sold by karipearls , for same price range, with 6,5mm main pearl if I remember correctly.
There is a thread here with a similar necklace "1925 something", in the "what kind of pearls do I have", there is a link to the karipearl item.
I remember this thread, this is how I started interest in natural pearl necklace, when I saw it I immediately was thinking about natural stuff, and seein so many wrong appreciations even from elder members "akoya" etc, made me think about how people are not able to discern natural pearls on picture and I discovered a special ability, this is how I purchased so many natural pearls for decent price.

Thank you for sharing your experience buying and selling natural pearls. It sounds like the auction house didn't present your pearls well; I'm sorry you lost money. In the end, pearls are only worth what someone will pay for them, which can be less than the value we feel they have.