M. STERN Natural Pearls

It consists of 61 pearls which have been drilled by hand in India by a good friend of mine. However, the pearls did not originate from India and were actually part of my family's collection as loose pearls. They are all from the Southeast Asia.

A point worthy of comment to other P-Ger's.

The Stern family is reknown for their collection and access to natural pearls from their sources. As quoted, it takes YEARS to pool enough pearls create strands.

As you can see, mismatches are very often commonplace, yet highlight the pearls as natural. While there are strands that have uniformity, they're infinitely rare and this is reflected in their value.

I am and always will be wary of uncertified/unknown sourced matched sets for this reason. There are too many elaborate fakes or otherwise misrepresented strands out there.

Natural pearls present as natural for the most part.

To me, it makes little sense to match naturals to appear like cultured pearls, when the beauty of naturals speak for themselves.
Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up for those of you in the vicinity of the San Francisco- Bay Area... I will be exhibiting at the Intergem San Mateo Gem Show, Nov. 29- Dec. 1 and will have some natural pearls on display. Booth #3005. My father, Dr. Thomas K. Stern, may also come to relax in my booth. If you are in town , come on over and chat with us! Thank you - Monte

Hello Monte,

I love your pearls. They are stunning and so large. What a pleasure it must be to own them. I must go in and search for your father's pearls this minute.

Dawn - Bodecia
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I would SO much rather wear the necklace above than one of round pearls!!! That is quite the most beautiful grand natural I have seen in ages.

Dawn, we have a thread of the Stern collection from 2007 or so- right before Pattye and I met him and Yolanda in 2008! The biggest dang keshi I have seen to date and some of the other most marvelous pearls, ever are in this thread.All taken at the 2008 gem show with my 3 pixel camera or whatever they were back then. My iphone is far more powerful than that camara, LOL, but still these are photos not to be missed- and i got tired of posting them, so I still have more.-
I bumped the other thread. Most of the pearls I photographed are in the first several pages, but the entire thread is one of the most educational on this forum, if you are interested in unusual pearls and certification issues. Those discussions need to be updated as I understand there is some information about once-nuked pearls leaving a thin line in the nacre or a larger cavity or both to indicate the exit of the nucleus. I am just mentioning what I think I heard, but that thread is the perfect place to update that info,, if there is anything.
Hi Everyone,

I have not mentioned this much yet, but I am planning on producing a line of limited edition rings of my own design for 2014. I have been a painter my entire life and am finally moving along with plans to unite my painting style with jewelry design.

Each piece will be completely unique. I am planning on using very high quality materials which will remain secret for now, but I will say that it is very likely that some AMAZING natural saltwater pearls will make appearances in some of the pieces.

In the meantime, here is a nice photo of some natural saltwater pearls. All P. maximas from my Family's collection... 5, gentle golden color. 2, white with peach accents. Enjoy!

- Monte

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