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Princess Yolanda article #3

Princess Yolanda article #3

No. 3 by Princess Yolanda
Assumption: "Shell" is referred to as the shell of a mollusk


chonchiolin - (kong-ki' a-lin") a protein substance which is basis of
of a shell.

nacre - inner layer

shell - outer layer

perisotracum - outer layer only which starts out as a single homogenous layer. The rest of the shell is composed of calcium carbonate.

"Does the size of the mollusk determine the size of a pearl?" NO
"Does the age of the pearl affect the size of the pearl?" Yes and No

1. To the extend that pearl farms can determine implantation and harvest schedules, they can pretty much predict the size of their pearls based on the size of the implants and the number of years they keep the mollusks under water. Within these limits, they can also predict nacre thickness but there are always surprises.

2. In the wilds, due to the absence of an eyewitness, there is no way to document the age of a pearl based on its size or the estimated age of the mollusk. In the natural sequence of procreation, some small Moms can have large babies while some large Moms have surprisingly small babies. This pattern seems to follow the pearl producing mollusks in the wilds.

" What actually determines the growth of the pearl?"

The pearl mollusk's environment, be it salt or fresh water, contains Calcium ions. The molluscan bloodstream absorbs the calcium ions and transports them into the mantle. Calcium carbonate is absorbed by the conchiolin, the protein matrix secreted by the mantle. A fluid is discharged between the mantle and the shell. The composition of this fluid depends on the various substances in the blood tissues. It is what determines the matrix of conchiolin and the growth rate of the calcium carbonate crystals.
There are two forms of calcium carbonate crystals in shells: calcite and aragonite.

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International Pearl Conference in Abu Dhabi

International Pearl Conference in Abu Dhabi

Societe des Perles Fines Natural Pearl Society​
supports this event in Abu Dhabi.​

Best to all,

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Pearl Revival Committee, it is with great pleasure that we extend the invitation to your association to participate in the upcoming International Pearl Conference taking place in Abu Dhabi. Complimenting and associating participation at the JWS Abu Dhabi 2010 (Jewels and Watches Show) exhibition, the Pearl Revival Committee has organized the International Pearl Conference with complete programs that include seminars, workshops, competitions and a gala dinner to celebrate this high profile event themed as well as the jewelry industry as a whole " Pearls, Gems & Jewelry". The event is expected to bring together the global pearl community and experts to celebrate pearl heritage and discuss the future of the Industry, focusing on international trade opportunities and information exchange. From the 10th to 14th November 2010, Pearl Revival Committee with supporter and technical partners GIA will be present at the JWS exhibition and host a number of programs including seminars and workshops. Scheduled on the 14th November 2010 the International Pearl Conference will take place at the prestigious Emirates Palace Hotel. This full day program will be followed by an exclusive gala dinner and award ceremony.

It is our great wish and aspiration that your association will be able to partake in the International Pearl Conference 2010, and contribute to its success. With an outstanding line up of programs in the pipeline, we hope that the association will be available to provide a key speaker to present the organization, its activities and contribution to the jewelry industry. We also desire the association to furnish us with materials and information pertaining to the industry, which will add value to the development and staging of this particular event. We aim to produce a luxury pearls, gems and jewelry coffee table book, to mark this prestigious celebration. The industry information and documentaries that we receive will become invaluable resources in the production of this volume. We envisage the use of these materials to include in the publication. International Pearl Conference will also launch a design competition for both emerging and established craftsman and with this regard we trust that the associate can support us in its success.

An exclusive forum targeted to VIP guests and international industry , The International Pearl Forum will be concluded with a first-class Gala Dinner followed by Gulf pearl diving cultural performance, a fashion show and an auction event by renowned auctioneers Sotheby's who as part of the international art tour, will be showcasing exclusive art collection ?Hurouf: The Art of the Word? - the first exhibition dedicated to calligraphies ranging from very early Islamic calligraphies through appealing Ottoman pieces of the 18th-19th Centuries to the productions of artists working today who have drawn on this important tradition. The event will also honour winners of design competition specifically launched as part of this occasion.

The International Pearl Conference is an initiative by the Pearl Revival Committee, a nonprofit entity dedicated to the preservation of the pearl industry and is under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatma Bint Mubarak, ?The Mother of Nation? UAE. The International Pearl Conference is expected to be attended by industry leaders and invited guests from around the world.

As the industry grows and the international communities unite, it is organizations and associations like yours that will support the increased awareness of the industry. We are confident that your involvement will add to the prestige of the event and hope that you will be available to join hands with us in this endeavor.

We believe the profile of the event is an exceptional one and we are confident that your participation and involvement will by far add to the glamour of the event. We would be pleased and honored if the associate is to join us and support The International Pearl Conference 2010 and we look forward to welcoming you to Abu Dhabi.

Yours Sincerely,

Rahma Himid

Strawberry PR & Events

For Pearl Revival Committee

Kind regards,

Strawberry PR & Events

Rahma Himid

P.O.Box 119027, Dubai, UAE

Office # 202 D, 2nd floor

Al Zarouni Business Centre, Al Barsha 1

Tel: +971 (0) 4 3990663 Fax: +971 (0)4 3990667mobile: +971 (0)50 6254251

Societe Des Perles Fines Natural Pearl Society

Societe Des Perles Fines Natural Pearl Society

Societe des Perles Fines Natural Pearl Society​
supports this event in Abu Dhabi.​

Best to all,

In regard to the post just above, for those who have not taken a look at the beginnings of the Societe des Perles Fines, information is below. Some important announcements by SPF can be expected soon.

For more information please contact:

The Natural Pearl Society

For all media inquires please contact:

Chase Rief
Rief Media, Inc
(949) 287-4163
Remarkable Natural Pearl Necklace

Remarkable Natural Pearl Necklace


The image is of a certified 50+ carat natural saltwater pearl, P. maxima, utilized in a design by prize-winning Martin Bernstein. Price is mid six figures, with details available on request from Mr. Bernstein at The point of posting is to show the organic design of the goldwork emphasizing the marine origins of the pearl. In a few hours I'll post some gorgeous high resolution photos that show Mr. Bernstein's creation from several angles.

Societe des Perles Fines plans a worldwide design competition using only natural saltwater pearls to explore creative options beyond classic graduated round strands.

Details of how to participate in SPF's design competition will follow in a few weeks.

Tom Stern,MD


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Impressive pearl, its broad shape offering a huge visible surface, even larger than its carat weight would indicate.
Natural Pearl Design Competition

Natural Pearl Design Competition

Societe des Perles Fines Natural Pearl Society
SPF will go public at The Arizona Hotel during the Tucson Gem Show, January 31 to February 5, with competition, scientific presentations and displays of pearls. Details and marketing to follow. The Designer Competition is reserved for elite designers. If you wish to be considered for the competition, email I will consider you for moving on to the next selection level.

Natural saltwater pearls will be given on memo in Tucson, with completed pieces judged in Las Vegas 4 months later. Include your design history and awards. Most designs must be conceptualized and priced between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

Tom Stern, MD
Chairman T.Stern Natural Pearls
I absolutely, totally, no reservation, love this design.. I never said it yet on this forum...which means that it's first time I fell in love with a piece made by forum member.... I liked many, this one, for me it's an ultimate masterpiece....

Please.... show me the close-ups.....
Societe des Perles Fines

Societe des Perles Fines

Please join us. Specific hours of talks to follow. Thanks, Tom Stern

Societe des Perles Fines
Natural Pearl Society
Program in Tucson

Arizona Global Gem and Jewelry Show

January 31st ? February 6th 2011

Calendar of Events​

? Monday January 31st:
- Natural Pearls, a definition

- Their place in history and an overview of their current status and value

? Tuesday February 1st:
- Authentication of natural pearls

- Methodology, laboratories, and the controversy surrounding the certification process

? Wednesday February 2nd:
- Natural pearl commerce

- World view on the nature of pearl trade practices and the untapped USA market

? Thursday February 3rd:
- Natural Pearl design competition

- Unveiling the Societe? des Pearls Fines first annual Jewelry Design Study

- Twenty Designers from around the US will be provided natural pearls to explore the potential application for US retail market

? Friday February 4th:
- Ethics, disclosure and the language of Natural Pearls

- Using Language, history, and romance in approaching the American market

? Saturday February 5th:
- Chase Rief on jewelry marketing

Chase Rief

Rief Media, Inc
t. (949) 287-4163
f. (949) 269-0635
New Book

New Book

Sex and the Wild Pearl

Yolanda Ortega Stern, Ph.D. has just sent her newly completed book to the publisher. It tells the story of wild pearls in a unique way, based on her family's 1,000 years of trading in pearls and shells. Intended as a guide to wild pearls, the book tells many stories and includes dozens of photographs of pearls and the mollusks from which they come that will surprise most people.

Princess Yolanda hopes that copies will be available during the Tucson Gem Show, at the Natural Pearl Society display and conferences at the Arizona Gem Show at the Arizona Hotel.

Merry Christmas to all,
Tom Stern,MD
Hope the publisher comes through and we can see/purchase the book in Tucson (signed by Princess Yolanda!).

It sounds extremely informative. I will be curious to learn if the historical notes include mention of Louis Kornitzer (The Pearl Trader), the first 'white' gem trader to set up shop on Jolo and to have direct dealings with the Sultan, just over 100 years ago.

Certainly Kornitzer's choice of Sulu for base of operations among the world's pearling regions was a strong statement at the time. And reading about his adventures there is infectious.
Congratulations to Princess Yolanda. I found her to be a delightful storyteller at Tucson. Combined with her vast knowledge, the book should be very successful. Great news! :cool:
Natural Pearl Society Speaker Schedule for Tucson

Natural Pearl Society Speaker Schedule for Tucson

Natural Pearl Society
Arizona Gem Show 2011
Arizona Hotel

Schedule of Events

Monday, Jan 31. 10:30am to noon.

? Welcome by Jim Grahl, President of the Natural Pearl Society
? Welcome by Tom Stern, MD. Introduction of Main Speaker of the day,

Yolanda Ortega Stern, PhD.

? Topic 1: Sex and the Wild Pearl, including 2 short readings from her new book. Topic 2: Pearls for Peace, slide show, how to contribute to the welfare of disadvantaged people through the pearl business.
? Questions and Answers

Tuesday, Feb. 1 10:30 to noon
? Welcome by Tom Stern,MD
? Comments by Yolanda Ortega Stern to follow-on from prior day?s talk. Introduction of Main Speaker of the day, David Porter.
? Mr. Porter speaks. Topic 1. Pearl Valuation. Review of auction sale prices. Review of private sale prices.
? Q&A time.

Wednesday, Feb. 2. 2:30 to 5pm

Welcome by Yolanda Ortega Stern,PhD
? Introduction of Jim Grahl and Chase Rief
? Short presentation of the Natural Pearl Society by Mr. Grahl and Mr. Rief. Introduction of the main speaker of the day. Tom Stern, MD,
? Topics: Rare pearls with slide show. Collecting wild pearls. Famous collections. Investments in Wild Pearls.
? Question and Answer session.
? Display and discussion of collection sets

Thursday, Feb. 3. 10:30 to noon
? Welcome by Yolanda Ortega Stern
? Tom Stern, MD. Brief update on conference activities. Introduction of main speaker of day

Jim Grahl
Topic 1. Pearl design. Topic 2. The Natural Pearl Society Design Initiative. Topic 3. Membership in Natural Pearl Society.
? Q&A session.

Friday, Feb. 4, 10:30 to noon
? Welcome by Jim Grahl.
? Update on developments during show by Yolanda Ortega Stern Introduction of main speaker of day, Thomas Montgomery Ortega Stern.
? Pearl care and cleaning of valuable items. The life of a Pearl Trader. Famous historical traders. Health and Fitness for the busy person in the jewelry trade. Suggested books to read.
? Questions and Answers.

Saturday, Feb. 5, 11:00 to 12:30
? Welcome by Tom Stern,MD
? Yolanda Ortega Stern,PhD...Updates on developments in show and Introduction of Main Speaker of day, Chase Rief.
? Mr. Rief speaks on Jewelry Marketing in the modern age. Old concepts of marketing. New concepts. Use of language, history, romance.
? Questions and Answers
? Jim Grahl, President of Natural Pearl Society closing remarks.

Daily Roundtable Discussion at Booth at 1pm to 2pm

? At least 3 Natural Pearl Society members will be present for wide-ranging discussions, showing collections, inspection of finished pieces, and answering questions. Roundtable moderated by Tom Stern,MD​
Note: While most Natural Pearl Society speakers will present in the mornings, Dr. Stern will speak in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 2, 2011 in order to avoid conflict with the AGA seminar on pearls to take place that morning. See above Program of Speakers.

Natural Pearl Society
Also, David Porter will speak on Thursday about Pearl Valuation, with Jim Grahl speaking on Design on Tuesday. Jim will also talk about how to participate in the Natural Pearl Society, or Societe des Perles Fines.

Natural Pearl Society.
Hello Tom,
Will we be able to read the about the details of Pearl Valuation and how to participate in the Natural Pearl Society? Would love to hear all about it.

Thank you, Dawn - Bodecia
eBay seller as dawncee333 and natural pearl collector.
Hello Tom,
Will we be able to read the about the details of Pearl Valuation and how to participate in the Natural Pearl Society? Would love to hear all about it.

Thank you, Dawn - Bodecia
eBay seller as dawncee333 and natural pearl collector.

Dawn...Good idea. The Natural Pearl Society will have the talks on its website after the event. Tom