Thoughts on Metallic White Ripple?


Jan 22, 2021

New member here--I've been pouring over the forum for a couple days and am loving the wealth of knowledge and opinions! Hoping to get your thoughts on my first necklace purchase.

I’m considering purchasing the metallic white ripple fwp strand at PP. I like that these have more personality to them than a classic round white strand (at least to my untrained eye that doesn't pick up all the nuances), while still being white and loosely roundish/potatoey--basically, to the average person, they still read as "I'm wearing a pearl necklace". Also, it helps that they*are at an entry price point that's comfortable to me.

My question is: does this seem like a reasonable first (and possibly, only) white pearl necklace purchase or will I look back and think these are too "novelty" or not "nice enough"? While I like the idea of having a classic white round investment strand as a staple in my jewelry wardrobe, in reality, I’m not sure how in love with it I’d be and for the money for gem quality pearls, I want to make sure I LOVE it. (On the other hand, I guess if I get the metallic white ripples and love them, there's nothing stopping me from "leveling up" with another purchase. ;))

2. Is it standard to request overtone color when placing an online order with PP or is this a situation where you “get what you get” according to the listing? The*item description didn’t specify that you will receive the exact necklace in the photo.

3. Re: overtone, might anyone have any suggestions for this newbie? I am Asian with medium to tan complexion with yellow undertones, dark brown hair and eyes. I tend to wear either cool neutrals (white, black, navy, +tan) or bright colors (yellow, fuchsia, red, blue). I know it can come down to trial and error but from what I've read, I’m thinking white with silvery rose overtones?

Last item to consider (yikes, thanks for sticking with me): I do intend to occasionally wear these pearls layered with other gold jewelry. I realize this is probably somewhat sacrilege, given the effort to care for and store pearls to prevent scratches and damage, but the heart wants what it wants. How dumb is this and/or if it's only mildly intolerable, is it only because they're not super nice/expensive Hanadamas?

I look forward to your thoughts and opinions! Thank you in advance!!
Hello SarahM and welcome to our Pearl Loving Forum :)
I enjoyed reading your whole message, it conveys emotions and I like this very much. You already have a particularly good notion of what you want, and I think you are not wrong at all.

I know that at PP you can ask for a particular overtone, and if they have it, they will supply it (there might be a price surcharge, depending on what you ask for), but for the most part: what you see is what you get or close enough, since pearls are pearls an always unique.

I have seen people layering their jewelry and we all know that pearls are soft and delicate, but they are also hardy. I believe that unless you are "threading" your necklace with another item such as a metal chain and then pulling on these harshly...which nobody would do, willingly (I hope not!) you should be safe. I am sure several of our forum members have a lot of experience on this subject and will hopefully come to our aid :)

Metallic Freshwater pearls offer you much at a lower price tag...but with PP (and many other reputable vendors) you do have a good return policy: you can get the necklace, try it and if not satisfied you can exchange it for another item...or pick two items and return the one you like the least, keeping your favorite, after making a direct comparison.

Welcome again :)
I like them, the sizes are good and the prismatic colors coming to life in the white pearls give you a lot of flexibility. Much to love.
Metallic ripples.jpgWelcome SarahM. That metallic ripple strand is beautiful and will be so versatile. Here is the one I have worn over and over for 12 years now. Shown "layered" at work.
If you like something other than a perfect, round strand, go for it! They often look a lot more interesting (thinks may of us here) and you get a lot more for your money - and you can layer it with whatever you like without being too concerned. Absolutely a thing to do with freshwater pearls as most of them are still all nacre.

- Karin
Beautiful necklace Marianne :)
And I agree with both KarinK and Marianne: they look more interesting and you get more bang-for-your-money.
Great photo and gorgeous pearls, Marianne! What size pearls are we seeing? SarahM, I personally love the metallic ripples also! PP has great customer service and I highly recommend giving them a call to discuss overtones and your coloring.

Many of us layer our pearls with chains and other gemstones or more pearls, and feel it's safe to do so.

Welcome to the forum and please let us know what you purchase!
Those pearls are beautiful! To me those off round, ripple pearls are very funky and youthful. Plus with the metallic label, you know they'll need bright and lustrous. I'm a newbie too, but already my ears perk up when I hear the descriptor "metallic."
Oops, I didn't realize my thread had posted and I had responses--still getting my settings straightened out!

Thank you, CortezPearls, for the welcome and for the practical advice on the standard operating procedure of purchasing. Pearls are such a new world that the smallest things can really feel like a fish out of water situation!

Mm yes, it seems like so much of pearl shopping can come down to seeing the item in person and how it interacts with your skin (at least at first, before you develop that sharp eye). Ordering two to compare seems like a very smart way to go.

Thanks again!
All, thank you for your thoughts!!

Yes, I definitely like that there's some personality in the metallic ripples and also that I (probably) won't get too caught up in the bound-to-be-found imperfections that are inherent in pearls--at least while shopping in the non-Hanadama stratosphere! Sometimes I'm a little too nitpicky for my own good.

KarinK and pattye, yep, that's another definite benefit of the freshwater pearls--not feeling like I need to be quite so precious with them (though, obviously, still mindful--they're too pretty to be careless!).

Pearlie Sue, same! I'm like a dog that hears the leash!

Well in the end, if there's anything I've learned in the short amount of time on P-G, it's there's always room for more pearls ;) so I guess I shouldn't be too worried about one right option only. I think I'll continue to shop around a little, reach out to PP and sit on it a bit. I'll absolutely report back if/when there's a purchase!!

Thanks again!!