Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Happy Spring Celebrations to all!

Heart, your pearls are beautiful. You’ve definitely caught the peal bug like the rest of us.

These creations are made with Tahitian rice keshis, and a side drilled white Akoya princess strand - both from Cees. I had no idea what I’d make with them, but I knew I had to have them. While I was making the long strand I thought of a daisy chain, so I added tiny gold/ yellow jade beads outside the single pair of white akoyas, then with the left over rice keshies I added mother of pearl and enamel daisy shaped beads to make a short strand that’s shown connected to a tiny silver Akoya strand. I hesitated with the daisy beads because I thought they looked too “girly”, but what the heck. They remind me of a california native plant called Romneya Coulterii, Matilija Poppy, also known as the fried egg flower. This flower always makes me smile.

The mostly white side drilled Akoya princess necklace is combined with blue akoyas, and 18k flower shaped beads.

Help, I need tips how to upload large scale images! The smaller photos don’t show colors and luster as well :lmao:


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Happy weekend everyone, and Happy Easter to those celebrating!

jeg Your VIP PP tahitian is such a lovely color and looks fantastic with the Takahashi akoya studs; I really love the little h bail, too! Your Kojima coral-akoya necklace is very pretty and unique!

Heart That is a gorgeous SS necklace, wow!!!

lmgarden Love your pearly designs! I also think the luster on the keshis and akoyas in your second post looks pretty incredible, so I can't imagine how intense it is in real life...The special daisy beads do add a really nice touch, especially with all the wildflowers blooming here in So Cal right now ;)

eolian pearls Ahh, the new pistacchios looks fantastic in the Love strand. I'm so looking forward to the final necklace - I hope those last 4 pearls arrive soon!

Wearing my J. Hunter bracelet as a necklace today...
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WOOOOW. I really enjoy looking at designs like these. I think you bring out the beauty of that necklace. Matches your skin as well. I don’t have many (if any) dainty and pretty necklace designs like that. I have mostly just strands and that’s it
Wow if you’re a seller I’m buying cause those Akoyas would give me additional 10 years to my life
Love your new creations! The Akoya necklace with blue Akoya and flower shaped beads is really special. I loved it and how you describe it too!
Don't worry about the uploading process, we will soon change to a new system and it will be much easier to use :)
Happy Start of the Week everyone!
Hope you had a great & blessed weekend...I sure did and I ate Charoset until my belly poped-out! :biglaugh:
Love your J Hunter bracelet/necklace SurfnSci
Have I told everyone that J Hunter pearls are some of my favorites amongst "black pearls".
Thank you!! ♥♥♥♥ Yours are stunning, also! I love when bronze and lavender tones are present in a green dominant strand!
The gold earrings you are wearing with this gorgeous strand are the cherry on top for me ♥ They look stunning on you.
lol, I bet Heart is onto something with the idea that the joy of pearls could help you live longer....Joy is definitely good for health and well-being, therefore pearls are good for (especially our) health and well-being.
I agree :)
Thank you so much, Heart, theseventhsphinx and Douglas! And I agree, I very much hope pearls help us all live happier and longer :)

theseventhsphinx Haha, I just saw your comment - I am the same way. Pearl gazing is definitely my post-work treat, too!

Heart Thank you for your kind compliments! A lot of my pearls started out as strands but then I "repurposed" them into new designs thanks to the style inspirations on this forum (so I can't take much credit, lol).

Robert Wan keshi necklace from Pearlescence (that I just finished wire-wrapping so it would be longer), paired with Rikitea keshi from Druzy.

Thank you theseventhsphinx and SurfnSci! I keep taking off the baroque pearls from the Love strand which means that I am always in need of new oval/drop pearls so it takes forever to finish it! But I am almost happy with the way it is now, just a few more inches...;-)

SurfnSci Yay your new keshis arrived and are already transformed into a stunning rope! I was wondering when we will see them. They are lovely! I was thinking about you when I saw a pair of SoC keshis at Druzy’s shop, my mind immediately went to your necklace :) Oh and the Fiji barcelet/necklace is just divine!

lmgarden WOW!!!! OMG!!!! Such INCREDIBLE pieces! I was admiring those side drilled akoyas on Cees’ IG and I just knew that someone will do amazing jewelry with them but I still gasped when I saw your creations! The necklace with the blue akoyas and flower beads...PERFECTION!!! The rice Tahitian keshis!!! I have never seen anything like them! Your creations showcase the beauty of every single pearl and some more...LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Some pictures of my CMW holy grail circles for Heart They definitely make my day happier :)
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Thank you


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Aloha! I am enjoying the island sunshine. On my morning walk… a little sprinkling produces beautiful rainbows. It was a double rainbow a few minutes before, but I was juggling my fresh made to order doughnuts. Also, a “U” shaped Tahitian and keshi flower ring I brought with me. I bought this here on the islands about 5 years ago.
Great photos jeg ! The pearl flower ring is beautiful! What is the material for the flower? Looks like carved quartz?
Oh...I started craving some doughnuts and coffee :frown:

Loved the both your Robert Wan and Rikitea Keshi necklaces SurfnSci the keshi are stunning and the necklaces layer perfectly with each other :heart:

eolian pearls your bracelet is scrumptious! The diversity of overtones makes it a delight...would gladly have under my gaze whilst gulping down my coffee and bagel.:eek: