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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


PG Forum Admin
Welcome back @Imgarden :cool2:
And I have to say those large, chunky baroques are simply GORGEOUS :07: and look great layered! The colors do show up but I am sure it is even more dramatic in person! Thanks for coming back and for sharing this beauty with us.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Hopefully, I can get back to wearing my pearls. I'm finally home from the hospital after having my right hip replaced. I slipped & fell last week resulting in a fractured hip. Not something I would recommend to anyone. I won't be doing much traveling other than to & from Doctors & physical therapy. At least I can wear some pearls then. I've missed my luminous beauties.

Very sorry to read this, but if it's any encouragement, my husband was back at his job (where he stands or walks all day) 2 months after his hip replacement. Do your assigned exercises faithfully, walk every day to tolerance and you will be surprised how quickly you improve. It wasn't long before I was driving my husband to the mall to take longer and longer walks (it was winter so walking outdoors was not a good option.)

Because his surgery was planned, we had time to prepare the house (and I'm a retired PT so I knew what to do.) Walking with a walker or cane requires an unobstructed, wide path throughout the home. You don't want to catch the leg of your walker or cane on anything. Remove anything you could trip on-- scatter rugs are anathema. Items you need often that are in lower drawers should be moved to higher drawers, to avoid bending your hip past 90 degrees. We also found that different long handled reachers worked better for different tasks-- it's good to have 2 different kinds. A long handled shoehorn helps a lot. A sox donning aid is essential. He had elastic laces for his shoes. No doubt you already have a shower bench but you should also get a long handled bath pouf so you can reach your feet without bending forward. A chair with arms (to help you get up to a standing position) is best. Don't try to pull yourself up to a standing position with the walker-- it isn't stable enough. Also, there are bags or baskets you can attach to the walker to carry items from room to room.

Expect to be more tired than usual for a long time. Anything that changes one's gait pattern is energy-expending. My husband was told he would not be back to his old self entirely for a full year. He was surprised that proved to be true. But he now walks 2.5 miles with a weight vest on, up and down a long hill near our home. And he's 75!


PG Forum Admin
It takes some adjustments to every/day Life...but your experience is inspirational! Thanks for sharing :D


Oh my goodness, so many gorgeous pearls! I'm loving catching up on everyone's pearl looks tonight - Eolian's fabulous SoC pendant! Jeg's fantastic goldens and tahitians and pastel akoyas, and that amazing stuffed shell/SS necklace! Theseventhsphinx's incredible Victorian-esque photoshoot! Imgarden's beautiful (and giant!) baroques! So much style inspiration and #pearlgoals. Thank you all for sharing :love:

(Best wishes for a fast recovery, 86Corvettegirl!)
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Traveling Pearl
Thank you, theseventhsphinx, and SurfnSci!!! Hey, lmgarden! I remember that cool golden globe! That was a fun trip, and my first post covid flying adventure.

I purchased this white Tahitian drop from the PP VIP sale during the winter holidays and had it set in Hisano’s little h bail. Worn with a coral and little Akoya strand from Kojima, baroque gray Akoya studs from Takahashi, and two enamel flower rings from Paris.
9B5F1901-199E-457D-8B54-6792A3242B24.jpg 44D4392E-17B5-4DC0-9826-54E1E654E396.jpg


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Is it just me or does anyone else feel jealous looking at all there lovely pearls? if I win a lottery I promise I’d buy the most expensive longest strand from all of the sellers here as a first priority

here’s a selfie from a shoot earlier with my beloved south sea strand. I’ve posted it here before when I bought it in green hills.
Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	1.77 MB ID:	461040

also didn’t realise that coloured freshwater pearls can be fun. I thought they were cringe As I’ve only seen yuck versions of them dyed as a way to cover up blemishes, but I’ve got one second hand coloured strand from Etsy and I am shocked at the quality, they’re called Honora and I love them.
Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	1.79 MB ID:	461041
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Thank you everyone for the positive vibes & healing thoughts. Yes, it will take time & I have to be patient (not my strong suit). I'll know more Tuesday after my follow up with the surgeon & get on schedule for PT. Right now, I'm diligently doing the exercises I was given in the hospital & making tours in the house with my walker. Slow & steady. I am wearing some of my pearls & I do have 2 reproduction pearl brooches that were delivered while I was in hospital to post pics of. I'm such a sucker for statement pearl brooches. LOL Dear husband is working from home for the next 3 weeks so he can take care of me. Pearl Dreams, you are so right about how tired this makes you feel but it's comforting to know there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. Much love to you all & keep those pearl pics coming. It does wonders for my mood to see everyone in their beautiful pearls. @jeg...you never disappoint.
Amazing amazing pearls ladies!!!

theseventhsphinx Absolutely gorgeous pics and pearls! Wow!

Heart What an incredible SS strand! You are totally rocking your pearls!

jeg I repeat myself but every picture you post is perfection! That stuffed pearl!!! The dreamy akoyas! The golden strand...:heart:

86Corvettegirl Sending you many well wishes of speedy recovery!

Busy times here, just a little update my Love strand ;-) The pistacchios from Druzy have arrived and I feel they really add a certain “zing” je ne sais quoi to the strand..I can’t wait to string it, just last 4 pearls to come...

Wishing everyone peaceful and joyful days!A3B459FE-8CDF-4844-9A0A-6A670A34D41B.jpg
Heart Thank you! The pearls in my profile picture are from CMW pearls, their top/AAA quality. I clicked “buy” as soon as I saw them and then had a small meltdown as they are circles but were priced as if they were rounds/near rounds...but when I got the package I knew I made the right call...They are my holy grail circles full of color under any light...


Oh no! 86Corvettegirl how did I not notice your post. I wish you a very quick recovery with lots of pearls to cheer you up!

eolian pearls your Tahitian strand is gorgeous- you definitely added that certain “zing”.

Thank you Douglas, theseventhsphinx, newberry, jeg and SurfnSci for your kind comments! Jeg and newberry I remember that day fondly, when we found my globe and a few other fun baubles!

More images of my Tahitian soufflé strand with a few Tahitian keshi necklaces I’ve made within the past couple years. The long outer strand is my latest creation I made with pearls from Cees, but that requires its own post… coming soon…


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Happy Spring Celebrations to all!

Heart, your pearls are beautiful. You’ve definitely caught the peal bug like the rest of us.

These creations are made with Tahitian rice keshis, and a side drilled white Akoya princess strand - both from Cees. I had no idea what I’d make with them, but I knew I had to have them. While I was making the long strand I thought of a daisy chain, so I added tiny gold/ yellow jade beads outside the single pair of white akoyas, then with the left over rice keshies I added mother of pearl and enamel daisy shaped beads to make a short strand that’s shown connected to a tiny silver Akoya strand. I hesitated with the daisy beads because I thought they looked too “girly”, but what the heck. They remind me of a california native plant called Romneya Coulterii, Matilija Poppy, also known as the fried egg flower. This flower always makes me smile.

The mostly white side drilled Akoya princess necklace is combined with blue akoyas, and 18k flower shaped beads.

Help, I need tips how to upload large scale images! The smaller photos don’t show colors and luster as well :lmao:


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Happy weekend everyone, and Happy Easter to those celebrating!

jeg Your VIP PP tahitian is such a lovely color and looks fantastic with the Takahashi akoya studs; I really love the little h bail, too! Your Kojima coral-akoya necklace is very pretty and unique!

Heart That is a gorgeous SS necklace, wow!!!

lmgarden Love your pearly designs! I also think the luster on the keshis and akoyas in your second post looks pretty incredible, so I can't imagine how intense it is in real life...The special daisy beads do add a really nice touch, especially with all the wildflowers blooming here in So Cal right now ;)

eolian pearls Ahh, the new pistacchios looks fantastic in the Love strand. I'm so looking forward to the final necklace - I hope those last 4 pearls arrive soon!

Wearing my J. Hunter bracelet as a necklace today...
20220417_171938.jpg image_73093.jpg
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New member
WOOOOW. I really enjoy looking at designs like these. I think you bring out the beauty of that necklace. Matches your skin as well. I don’t have many (if any) dainty and pretty necklace designs like that. I have mostly just strands and that’s it