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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
SurfnSci gorgeous tincup. Hopefully it doesn't break. I only had a tincup break once and when I examined the break it was clear that I had twisted the wire to much.
86Corvettegirl beautiful tahitians. I hope that you had a great time with your nephew.

eolian pearls

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E1C4086D-88F4-48F2-8E20-3291431C1483.jpegThank you ladies!

SurfnSci what a beautiful tin cup you have created!!!! The SoC keshis are so so pretty and I LOVE the delicate design you chose for them! Very special tin cup!

86C what a great tahitian doubled look! I love how perfectly the pearls are nesting, beautiful colors that create such a nice contrast. This is why multicolors are my favorites!

Bracelet stacking today...my new tiny akoyas and levander rice pearls from Wen.


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Thank you so much, Charlotta, Eolian pearls and 86Corvettegirl :01:

Charlotta, thank you for the advice about the tight wires! I inspected all the wires and one actually looks rather loose, so I tried to tighten it (hopefully not too much) but we'll see.

86Corvettegirl, I love the look of your layered Ts, and such beautiful colors! I especially like that blueish-grey one just right of center.

Eolian pearls, your bracelet stack is gorgeous! I never would have thought to pair those different colors, but they look amazing together. Those tiny akoyas are magical and the lavender rice pearls look so metallic.


Traveling Pearl
Eolian, 86C, SurfnSci, I love ALL your pics!:love: Every one of them... Congratulations on your first wire wrapped project, SurfnSci! The SOC keshi are beautiful.

I have been away on a quick trip to San Francisco.
Bunny tried to get some tips on lion dancing-
Click image for larger version  Name:	6A67741F-1056-42BE-BBA0-2C5EB1933C52.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	292.8 KB ID:	455466
A ferry ride to Sausalito-
Click image for larger version  Name:	29925EEF-3D0A-47EF-85E0-B58C65C5D4F4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	204.7 KB ID:	455467
And a quick stop to visit Sarah and the Kojima Studio! I am uploading just a few photos, but there are more to come...
Click image for larger version  Name:	71BB68F1-3F42-444F-980D-B16085D117B8.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	179.5 KB ID:	455468 Click image for larger version  Name:	9F137307-2AA1-49A9-A46B-9566C3E35599.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	230.0 KB ID:	455469 Click image for larger version  Name:	5104EF8A-D874-473E-9948-12D0D9F6CA13.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	246.4 KB ID:	455470 Click image for larger version  Name:	725871F9-24A1-4778-807D-4681B3B9EEE5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	343.9 KB ID:	455471


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta! Oh, yes, it makes such a difference to see pearls in person.

Adding more photos from the studio visit-
B04D0C92-C39A-44DA-AFC9-7224B77EFA78.jpeg 17496F4E-4649-43A6-9049-9C7AEA8C606C.jpeg 35420684-CD30-4D72-AD84-547E51728B60.jpeg 6578A254-8058-4DBA-9213-6AB3697A72B2.jpeg 7FC39D62-5DD4-4A57-9A0A-9C8D4384A92A.jpeg C839F513-2FFB-4FC4-B278-691B67C16436.jpeg


Thank you so much, jeg !!! And wow, thank you for sharing these gorgeous Kojima studio pics. I feel like I recognize some of the pieces from the website, and they seem to look even better in natural lighting.It is really cool to get a behind-the-scenes peak, as well! Sarah has such beautiful designs.

I am totally enamored with the GSS strand that Bunny is showcasing in the first pic :D

eolian pearls

Active member
Thank you ladies!

Jeg thank you for another set of amazing pearl pictures!!!! I am with Charlotta, must be such a treat to see all these gorgeous pieces IRL...one day one day....And now the BIG question: which beauties did you buy????:D


Active member
Jeg, Thanks ever so much to you and Travel Bunny for the great photos! It's so fun to pick out my favorites from Sarah's website and match them to your real life photos ... "I know you ... and you ... and you ..." and to DREAM!


New member
Hello everyone. Today is something a little different than usual from me, I’m wearing my 70” Akoya rope doubled up. image_70945.jpg


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PG Forum Admin
Hey! Looks fine...and then on the dark fabric...niiiceee! :biggthumpup:


Active member
JEG: Oh, I'm so jealous. Thank you so much for the Kojima photos.

Rokor: Wow! You look sharp. I love the suit with the double strand of pearls. It's way cooler than a tie.


Traveling Pearl
.Thank you, SurfnSci, Charlotta, eolian, CathyKeshi and BWeaves! I love the Bay Area, so it’s a favorite quick getaway for me. It is such a treat to visit the studio and play with pearls. I just love Sarah’s aesthetic, and everything looks even better in person.

Rokor, I agree with Douglas and BWeaves- your rope looks so nice with the dark suit, and yes, cooler than a tie!

Ahahaha, eolian, you know me too well... I could not get out of the studio without bringing something home. A beautiful strand of golden SS, and a fun Tahitian tin cup-
950369D2-CBF0-48B2-99BE-19BB20E22C13.jpeg 86D855CD-85B6-4B9D-A845-FB5A415005BE.jpeg 971CAE53-436C-4149-83E8-01655F5F04C4.jpeg 8DBAC0EB-39E6-4322-88A0-2B97E766E857.jpeg


rokor Your akoyas are gorgeous and what a great pairing with your dark suit. You look amazing!

jeg Your new GSS are sooo beautiful (are they possibly the ones from Bunny's first pic that I was drooling over?). And that Tahitian tin cup is simply fantastic, wow.

eolian pearls

Active member
F837F45F-FDFE-4B53-8A38-09AF4414DFD7.jpeg - Click image for larger version  Name:	F837F45F-FDFE-4B53-8A38-09AF4414DFD7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	187.8 KB ID:	455551Oh Jeg of course you came home with some lovelies!!! The goldens are exquisite! And the tin cup is such a pretty piece, you will surely have fun layering it!

Rokor wow that is such a great look! I can just imagine how those akoyas shine against the jacket!

My pearl friend has arrived for a full month of holidays yay!!! We are going to have many pearlie dressed dinners! Will maybe get to take a pic of her getup as well... This is mine from yesterday evening, almost all pearls are from Druzy, the earrings are from Wen.
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Traveling Pearl
Thank you SurfnSci, Charlotta and eolian! SurfnSci, I think the golden strand by Bunny might still be calling your name.;) The strand I chose is in a different pic- it is layered with another golden in the pic with the green book of pearls. There were lots of beautiful golden choices! Eolian, how wonderful for you to be able to have a pearl friend with you, and for a month! I see lots of pearly dress up in your future!

So, I could not resist this unicorn strand from Alexander Collins... A beautiful strand of blue Tahitians, collected over time from his farm... I took some pictures in different natural light by my windows. (With my usual old iPhone)
Taken last night in the early evening light-
AB108ED6-BA2C-44FA-9466-2DA6D1EB34D2.jpeg EF0DEF2C-69B4-4C87-A3C1-9F6A938D4E47.jpeg DA86F9E1-9F67-488D-BCA6-7E0E906CD2D8.jpeg