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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Eolian, that new pendant is gorgeous; looks almost on fire with that pretty pink linen; really brings out the cherry tones in the Tahitian too!


Active member
Well, I haven't posted lately. I've been wearing pearls but not taking pics due to the weather. Rain, rain, rain.

Happy Belated birth day, BW & a happy birth day to all those having birthdays soo.

I tried to get a pic of the small petal Keshia necklace with matching earrings I'm wearing today in between rain storms. They're multi color but look washed out in the pic.

Keep those lovely pearl pics coming, ladies. I'm loving all of them & congrats to all the new pearl purchases! 20210720_141819 (2).jpg


86Corvettegirl those pearls really do look like petals. They look luminous in the photos, so they must be really something in person.
eolian pearls you look so good in these simple pendants. Love the combination of the colors and shapes in your newest.
SurfnSci now that’s an akoya necklace. Wonderful sizes.


As I threatened to do, I’m requesting your opinions on which necklace pendant combination looks best for an upcoming wedding l’m attending. The outfit is a navy lace-like top with navy silk wide leg pants (not the jeans in the photos!). The possible pearls are two 18” necklaces of silvery blue akoyas from Pearl Paradise fastened together, a strand of silvery blue grey FWP from Pearlesence, and a grey Tahitian pendant from a local jeweler. The colors of each are similar enough that one would have to get close and stare to see that they are slightly different. Number 2 photo has a small silver bow brooch holding the necklaces together.

I really appreciate hearing what you think...thank you!

63094D0C-8DDA-4E3B-8740-8BF0313DBF57.jpeg A6C767BE-402E-43F8-A620-94372FCED5D2.jpeg AC342869-7643-4E4C-A2A9-A853EBC47C7F.jpeg D95F5D95-07F4-4ADA-8749-D2E5482BDA15.jpeg BBA1DA69-8548-4B62-9D1C-EE39A9DE5A95.jpeg FE3ADAEE-44E2-4479-85D5-37D272D71899.jpeg


New member
TriciaS, I think that I like the nr 1 and 4 the most. If it's hot I would probably go with nr 1, nothing close to my neck so that I could enjoy the festivities. But the pendant is really pretty as well. Either way you cannot go wrong with any of your 4 options.
86Corvettegirl, those petals are pretty. I bet that they have that rainbow luster in real life. That's hard to capture on photos


PG Forum Admin
Love the jewelry TriciaS
I especially like #2, 3, 4 and 1 in this particular order. To me #2 is a statement...exudes confidence and elegance, yet also casual.
You'll look fantastic :)


Traveling Pearl
Very pretty blues, SurfnSci! And big!

Eolian, that heart shaped FW!!:p I love it so much!

86C, those petals look so light and cheerful! Love the soft color.

Tricia, I like number 2 because the pin covers the clasps and looks dressy, since you mentioned it was a fancy wedding. Otherwise, I like the style from your previous post with the two strands worn short, independently, and overlapping. But you should go with whatever you like because things look different in person and it’s your personal taste.

We hopped a ferry to spend spend some time in the San Juan Islands. The weather has been beautiful, scenery was gorgeous, and food, delicious! I just wore Tahitian studs from PP and my Traveling Pearl. Bunny was along, but pics were blurry. :(
E0F7C160-081F-462D-BF85-E7E8BAEC9DB6.jpeg 93946F6C-5045-428F-8021-6E6839B53761.jpeg 2EFECC54-68C5-43FB-9090-1707C6CE81CD.jpeg BA342E86-52AB-439C-B349-8958B5A5549D.jpeg


Thank you Charlotta, TriciaS and Jeg! :)

Jeg, your San Juan Islands pics are lovely, especially with your silvery black (?) T stud showing.

TriciaS - I agree, I LOVE #2. The bow brooch is a really clever and pretty way to cover the clasps, and the whole look with the front draping looks very chic. I think it also sits at the perfect spot along your neckline.
Thank you ladies for the heart keshi pendant compliments! It really is almost too lustruous;-)

86C love your petals! And you said they are multicolored? Love them even more!!!

TriciaS I vote for #2 too! It looks the most like a special occasion get up to me. Other than that I really like the simple elegance of #1 and the playful layering of #4. But your pearls are beautiful any way ypu wear them!

Jeg looks like you had a fun trip! It’s so wonderful to be able to move around agsin, isn’t it?

I continue with my new pieces from pearl package #2. These are again from Julia of Ocean’sRhyme at Etsy. I really love all my pieces from her! Here goes the abalone necklace for a less dressy combination with pearls...I am a big fan of MOP pearls combinations, you might have noticed ;-)EA879783-E01C-4345-8EED-ECF98C48C8CF.jpeg


  • EA879783-E01C-4345-8EED-ECF98C48C8CF.jpeg
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Thank you everyone for your advice about my wedding outfit. I do like #2...I just wish I had THIS shortener from Mikimoto (around $3,800 usd)

9163B71C-83E6-4E57-B328-EFB498B73F35.jpeg instead of my much less expensive silver brooch from Talbots. Although I think silver looks better with the blue akoyas than white gold (I keep telling myself).:01:



  • 9163B71C-83E6-4E57-B328-EFB498B73F35.jpeg
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Active member
Thank you, ladies, for all the nice comments about the small petal Keshia. Yes, they are very lustrous with a rainbow sheen & are comfortable to wear on hot humid days.

TriciaS, I like #'s 2 & 4. Either would look lovely for a wedding.

Loving all the new pearl posts!

Today, I wore a white & blue Akoya necklace with the longer mixed colored Akoya necklace I got from paradisepearlsthailand. Paired them with blue Akoya & sapphire briolette earrings.

(I don't know why I can't enlarge my pics now.)


  • photo70864.jpg
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Thank you for the MOP love!

Last piece from the second pearly package - spiky akoya keshis from an Etsy vendor laviniasjewelrygems. My angel wing pearl is also from her and I am very happy with both of my purchases, This is a funky light summer neckace with pretty luster and also an altrnative chain for my big blue T. Happy happy happy:)5FDFC1B1-CD65-4A84-BE0B-46B8990F7CE9.jpeg


  • 5FDFC1B1-CD65-4A84-BE0B-46B8990F7CE9.jpeg
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  • C38890A6-C364-481A-BAA5-D93B4093A11E.jpeg
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New member
eolian pearls your blue tahitian pendant is gorgeous with those akoya keshis. I have some spikey akoya keshis from Pearlescence as well. Very lustrous, but I wonder how they drill those tiny pearls. It's difficult enough to find the drillholes. I have mine with a big circled sort of rainbow tahitian.