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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thanks eolian pearls and BWeaves for your sweet words. I'm now waiting for pictures of a strand of wssp with blue overtones. I hope that is going to be my Valentine's present.
Anybody else got inspired by Sarah’s beautiful mandala on IG?

Anybody else got inspired by Sarah’s beautiful mandala on IG?

...my excuse is that I am home with a flu...;-)430DF6DE-6779-439E-A785-3342135453C4.jpgB940DA73-D058-4C5E-B1E3-EBA4946B3F46.jpg


PG Forum Admin
Loved how you did the composition...and the tiny little crab! He's so cute!
Thank you Charlotta, Douglas & Lilpearl! I havent even realized I have 7 pairs of studs Lilpearl! Good eye! Just had an urge to play a little after seeing Sarah’s IG post...


Traveling Pearl
How fun, your inspired mandalas, eolian! Hope you are feeling better!

Bridie, your blue Akoya strands are so pretty and look great on you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Japan Kasumi strand from Kojima, Edison pendant from PP, and post earrings from POJ.



PG Forum Admin
Happy Valentine's Day to All :cool:
And that last photo jeg...to flavor our Valentine's Day with Nacreous Love! LOVE IT
Beautiful Kasumis...my Favorite Freshwater Pearl of All :)


New member
Bridie, what a pretty blue akoya necklace, it looks lovely on you!!

Jeg, love your whole outfit and perfect pairing with the kasumis and a Edison pendant!!

Happy Valentines everyone!!
Thank you Jeg! I am all well now! Your outfit and the pearls are just so PERFECT for the Valentine’s! Love them!

Bridie amazing blues! One of my favorite pearls and you wear them so well!