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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
6E38642B-9F9A-4AC4-BA2A-7C3C4E46F878.jpg A little bit more contemporary than when worn over the collar of a dress shirt, but I find this size quite casual and to pair greatly with my all black outfits. 18” Mikimoto sub line - Sea Magic as I await my two sets of WSSP.
Thank you for the T keshi love everyone!

Pearlie Sue you are a natural pearl wearer! Your Tahitians look great on you! And the size is just perfect as well!

Jeg, beautiful colors and those snowdrops...Spring is coming!!!!

Rokor I love your casual glam look!


New member
Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it! Here’s a more “fashion formal” look with my older fresh water strand. I can’t wait to take photos like this with my Akoyas and WSSPs, I have a whole wardrobe waiting to be experimented with.

This look is particularly “fashion week after-party” esque with the top three buttons undone and pearls laying on my collar, I quite enjoy it.


New member
Jeg, beautiful outfit and pearls!

Eolian, such a summery look, I specially like the two different colors on your T studs!

Pearlie Sue, your new T necklace looks beautiful on you!

Rokor, i love the casual look with your elegant mikis and the glam look too!
I think because of my red hair I can get away with warm tones. Actually, usually I prefer them. I'm dreaming of golden olive Tahitians and golden SSP. I'll just have to keep dreaming for a while. ;)
My Tahitian necklace and I thank you all for the compliments! I wore them for the first time, and they're my new everyday pearls, lol! They were so flattering and comfortable. Every time I passed a mirror I had to stop and admire how they looked a little different in various lighting.

Rokor, I LOVE the pearls layered over your formal wear. You need pearl cufflinks now!


New member
I found 3 snowdrops in my yard last week, up about an inch, and opening ... until 24" of snow fell on them. They won't be seen again for a long while, sigh ... Beautiful pairings, Jeg!

Pearlie Sue, Wow, the Tahitians look great on you :)

Welcome Rokor, fun to see your fashion looks; look forward to more looks and fashion experiments.


New member
Beautiful pearls, everyone. Happy that each of you rocks your special pearls very well.
Today I'm experimenting with taking pictures of my pearls when there's snow in the garden. The white surrounding acts like a big light box. I'm really happy with the results. They're Gssp and Fiji from Cees.



New member
Thank you Pareltje, mine is pretty good as well. And the ombre tahitian rope is a masterpiece. Cees did good with those two.
Oh no, I need to get off this thread, Pareltej! It just makes me want to spend all my money! Seriously, though, those golden pearls are mouth wateringly beautiful! The green overtone is amazing!


New member
Thank you eolian pearls, BWeaves, Lilpearl, Pearlie Sue and Katbran for your sweet compliments on my gssp strand.
Katbran, no they're not recent. They are from 2017. My most recent purchase was already more than 2 years ago, a strand of cheap Ts from Wen's Pearl. Since then I banned myself from buying more pearls as I have other priorities in my unpredictable life.
My Wen's Pearl strand, I bought a few extra loose pearls to add to the original strand to cheer up the color more.