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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks Charlotta!

Seaglass Tahitian necklace and blue Akoya keshi from Kojima. Dark Tahitian pendant from Katbran.



New Member
I love that seaglass strand Jeg. Sort of ombre wavey, very pretty. Your new Katbran pendant is beautiful, as is that blue akoya keshistrand. It must have taken awile to get that many blue akoya keshis.


The sea glass strand is definitely one of my PG favourites. Luminous. And the big Tahitian and little blue keshi make a cute combo.

eolian pearls

Active member
Lovely pearls ladies!

Jeg, always a pleasure to see Seaglass, I wonder what is the size range of the pearls there? So very very pretty!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta, Lilpearl, SydK and eolian! pearls! I had to go back and look, eolian- they are 8.3-13.5, at 22” long.

I love your pairings, SydK! Especially the colors of your pendant trio!

Wearing dark Tahitian strands I assembled.



Active member
Gorgeous, ladies; just gorgeous! SydK, those bronze pendants look fabulous on you; a wonderful pairing :) Jeg, HELLO SEAGLASS!!! I remember the moment I first saw that strand ... took my breath away, and still does ... so special; I'm glad it's yours!


New Member
I can't believe I've missed 6 days ! And a million pearl photos ! Always fun to catch up on pearly pics!
86C those beautifulTahitians and and great layering!

Jeg, those studs are a gorgeous color! But the showstopper is the little gemstone necklace with those AMAZING Kasumi ! Those colours!!

jesskat - beautiful colour !! That golden apricot colour is just stunning.

Sydk, beautiful pieces. You are never going to be short of pearls for any occasion !!! I too love the bronze/pondslime , they are so unusual. Hopefully the lockdown will lighten up and you'll be able to wear them around town !


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Cathy and Katbran!

White Tahitian pendant from Kojima, worn with scattered keshi chains I made.



New Member
Thanks, SydK, jeg, Charlotta, and Katbran! I continue to be amazed by the color of that strand. Druzy/Ehret has some fantastic pearls available.

Jeg, I continue to be envious of your Tahitians. I love the dark strands - so lively - and the keshi tincups are playful and different.

Wearing this combo a good bit the last few days along with sweatshirts as things get colder...


Made both of these - the necklace, with South Sea + Tahitian pearls from Druzy, and the earrings with stunning blue drops from Kojima. The earrings are still so often my go-to as I'm such a sucker for my blues, but I wanted to share a closeup of the Druzy group because I'm just in love with the luster, colors, and arrangement - they work so well together!


They came temp strung together this way and there was no way I was going to change anything other than adding the snake chain.


New Member
Beautiful combinations SydK.
Very nice tahitians Jeg, and I adore those scattered keshi strands.
Jesskat, the south sea and tahitian pearls are glowing. Druzydesign has some lovely pearls. I really like those 7-8mm tahitians I bought. My strand is now 27 inches long, I will post a picture this weekend I think. That snake chain is genious, must get one of those.


Active member
JEG: That SeaGlass necklace is still the one that got away for me. Love the keshi tin cups, too, and the blue keshi "chain."

SydK and Jesskat: I love everything you are wearing.

Let's see, what have I been wearing?

Little black dress and white pearls.

Mom's SS earrings. Mom's akoya choker. My natural white Hanadama rope from PP. SS tin-cup from Kojima.

View attachment 75896
View attachment 75897

Judy Jetson necklace with freshwater button pearl. I think I kinda sorta captured the sparkle of the black and white druzy in the pendant. Mikimoto yellow gold huggies.

View attachment 75898

View attachment 75899

Beachy tin-cup and feather pendant from Kojima. Summer Rainbow and Winter Snowman worn as earrings on Mom's diamond hoops.

View attachment 75900

Today, my first Tahitian necklace from Kojima. TNT necklace from Ocean's Cove with Walter Who hanging off it. Kamoka lavender and peacock mismatched Tahitian studs.

View attachment 75901

What's on my loom. This oil slick looking fabric is not dyed. I have different solid colored threads and the weave structure makes the pattern.

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Parrot Lady

New Member
BWeaves, I am jealous of your beautiful weavings. My mother’s best friend was a well-known weaver and I vividly remember her big looms. When we’d have our poodle groomed, she’d spin his fur and weave it.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
I can't see any of your attachments other than the woven cloth (not even by clicking on them), but that is lovely!
Maybe try sizing the other photos smaller?