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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Kanaloa came out tonight for ramen noodle bowls with my son & his fiancé. It was really good! This will be a new lunch spot for us!!


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OOOOOOO, I LOVE Kanaloa! And your drop earrings, 86C. Kanaloa is just magnificent.

JEG, your pearl collection is just glorious. I love everything.

I'm feeling very pearly today. I'm wearing my SoC ring and Mom's akoya ring. I never appreciated Mom's ring when she wore it, but it's actually very comfortable and sits much flatter than it looks. It does not catch on things, like I thought it might.



From Kojima, a long mixed tin-cup rope. Natural white Hanadama rope from PP. Mom's large akoya choker.



I'm wearing perfect teardrops from Kojima on my diamond huggies.


Hum. I recently restrung my Hanadamas, and I thought I had strung them very tightly, but there seems to be a lot of movement in the pearls. I think the knots got tighter after a couple of wearings, and the pearls are now sliding a bit between their knots.
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Kanaloa says Thanks, BW! He loves how you look in all your pearl glory!

I just love both your rings, especially your SOC. Splendid, just splendid!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, 86C, Pattye, Katbran and BWeaves!

Pattye, it’s a very special piece that I need to wear more often.

86C, you can play in the box(ES) anytime!:rolleyes: Always love to see Kanaloa. Can’t believe he didn’t take a dip into the ramen bowl.

BWeaves, I think that SOC ring is my favorite piece of yours.


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86C your fierce voting look is an statement and love your second style for a ramen dinner outing! My kids are big fun’s of ramen, and can eat it all day long! Every time we go somewhere, we always have to try the best ramen restaurant in town!

BWeaves, love your diamond and pearl rings, specially the SoC one but it must be such a great feeling to be able to wear your moms ring!
You and Jeg are my inspiration for draping and mixing long necklaces of different pearls and styles!

Jeg, I’m a big fun of your looks too! :eek:


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Lilpearl!

It’s rainy and yucky out today, so I’m roaming the house in a T. I took these pics on nicer days of being able to get out. Things are slowly starting to open up, but I haven’t wandered too far.

Mixed SS, Tahitian and freshwater strand from Rio, Hong Kong. J. Hunter keshi pendant from Fiji. Earrings are made of T’s, golden SS keshi and vintage Biwa pearls.


J. Hunter bracelet from Fiji, necklace of Fiji pearls from Cees, and a tin cup made of vintage Biwa pearls with a Myanmar SS pendant.



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Jeg, Kanaloa loves the ramen bowls with shrimp dumplings & Lychee martinis!! LOL
I just love your T's & Fijis! I got my Fiji necklace from Cees as well. I would love to get another Fiji strand with the deeper multi colors!

Lilpearl, Kanaloa says Thank you!. He love to go out for drinks & good food. Even got some compliments at the restuarant!

It's rainy & muggy today but I had to go pick up the new heating part for my dryer. Hubby will put it on when he gets back from Louisiana.
So I decided to wear my mult Tahitian from Cees & my pastel Tahitian drop necklace from David Norman.


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JEG: I love seeing your outfits as well as your pearls. The Fijis and Biwas are gorgeous.

86C: Love your pearls, too.


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Thanks, Pattye. Both strand are very large pearls & it's somewhat difficult to find 35+ inch strand of really large T's that have good luster & minimal marking. Most ropes tend to be 9-10mm like my ombré rope. David Norman told me that the pearl farmers are not really leaving the oysters in the the water long enough to create the larger pearls & are harvesting early. Most of the harvests are 8-10mm. I'm glad I bought these 2 strands when I did; I would pay a lot more for them if I was trying to buy them now.

BW, I could play in your jewelry box, too!!


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Kanaloa is one lucky cephalopod to be living with you and being able to venture out, 86Corvettegirl! We are still under pretty strict lockdown here in Oakland, California...no ramen outings for us, sigh.


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We're pretty much open here in Ga, Sherry. Kanaloa has been enjoying his outings & wants to go back to Nola! LOL
Today, is a lazy day & I'm hanging out with Luna, Kanaloa's little sister!


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86c Your pearls are magnificent! Haven’t been wearing any pearls lately . Here in NY we’re still in lockdown. Some day soon.


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BW- Those drop shaped earrings .. such a wonderful shape. It's so hard to find a proper tear drop shaped pair now. I fear that companies have become so good at their culturing that Rounds are taking over . I love drop shapes... I've been looking for a nice big pair of WSS teardrops for ages. That SoC ring..the pearl is beautiful ! Quite iridescent .

86c - Kanaloa is such a statement piece... I love seeing you wear him out for Ramen ! Luna is so adorable !

jeg - Always a wonderful collection of earrings and Keshi pieces - and the Cees Fiji are great - I bought some at the same time from him ! Love the creamy tans and earthy tones.


So many treasures on this thread! Too many to mention them all, but a couple that really stood out for me are Jeg’s outstanding blues with the Monili clasp, which is one of my all-time favourite PG strands (with BN’s mega Golay strand and peacock rikiteas, and a couple of Bezel-set SOC mabe necklaces, plus others I’m sure) and those beautiful pastels, 86C. I don’t think I’ve seen them before - I’m sure I’d remember them.
Cold and dark and damp here (by Sydney standards), so I was somber in black and silver.