Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Rotating the flour sack...

Jeg, I love the look of your gorgeous white pearls with your blue & white top! You look so stylish!

Red, your ring is gorgeous!!
Thanks so much amti, Katbran, 86C, BWeaves and Charlotta! No pearls today. I’m cleaning out some of my closets and the floor they are spilling onto. Where’s the smack head emoji?! Taking a break for a latte, then back to work...

Red, with all that flour and chocolate chips, your ring wearing is going to be short lived. You have enough supplies to bake cookies until Christmas! Enjoy that beautiful piece while you can!
That's a nice flour stash, Red! I got 2 cheap bags of flour from Aldi's, and one small good bag of freshly ground white whole wheat from a local place. Otherwise, none to be had. Laura (daughter) got plenty, from restaurant supply store, and also restaurant selling yeast and flour ... she'd got a 13 year old to feed :). We have a bowl of sourdough masa tortilla dough in the fridge for tomorrow, and a sourdough semolina pizza in the oven now. That is one of my all time favorite rings, only second to your ring with the moonstone edging ... so lovely!
That ring is so beautiful Red. We have most things back on the shelves in the store since several weeks. There is still a shortage of yeast, even though you only can buy two packages of it.
Beautiful ring Red. I am sure the brotchen was wonderful.

I am not doing much today. Wearing purple Edisons.

Whoa! I'm scrolling down through flour (and loving it) and then my jaw hit the ground with the purple Edisons.
Libella: Aw, I love pearly bear!

Well, someone put me out of my misery. I was lusting after the Kamoka Kaleidoscopic Tahitian Circled Pearl Strand and somebody bought it. Phew! Now I don't have to feel guilty about wanting it, but needing to pay the plumber instead. I hope one of you bought it so I can oogle it.

95F today. Lilac linen and Kasumi pearls and freshwater keshi from Kojima. The long ombre' rope of keshi is worn double. The pendant and earrings are Kasumi with tanzanites.

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Oooh, gorgeous keshi rope and wonderful layered pieces. BWeaves. However, you can keep the 95F.

Getting ready for my afternoon walk with Sea of Cortez studs and keshi necklace assembled by OceansCove. The longer necklace is Fiji keshi from PP, assembled by Catherine at Stephen Vincent Design. Our expected high is 60F today. We are in the sweet spot between snow blowing season, and lawn mowing season.


OOOO Red! SoC and Fiji keshi. Gorgeous. And you have real grass, too. We have St. Augustine, which is like crab grass with a fancy name.
You ladies lifted my spirits today, with the last 3 pages of amazing pearly pictures ! Stressed vanished immediately !

Red- Oh my all the wonderful flour. I am sure YUMMY things are on the menu. Today your magenta blouse paired with the SOC necklace and Fiji keshi, ravishing ! Oh so pretty. Loved seeing the green grass in Minne-snow-ta . lol April and May can be such polar opposite weather days lol ;)

Gemandpearlover- the purple Edisons are gorgeous! The amazing overtones and luster are to die-for !!

BWeaves- Your white layers were classic and elegant! Classic never goes out of style. Today's keshi on lilac linen, oh so pretty.
(I lived in Florida and know all about St Augustine grass. Broke out in a itchy rash anywhere it touched my skin! I feel your pain, BW):eek:

Jeg- so good to see Bubbly (my bubbles siamese twin) out playing so well with your beautiful SS strand. And your blue and white assemble reminded me of the Delft china I collected when I lived in Europe! :)

I am tired of being frumpy everyday at home, since self isolation. You know, sundress, no makeup, and ponytail. So easy to just be plain jane, and comfy. However time to get spiffed up again! I have decided for the remaining week, to wear something less casual, wear my pearls and at least make an effort with makeup and my hair! So I have added today's picture. This is my 'Newberry' Strand ! Yes, it is in ode to Newberry who was so kind as to pick it out for me when we were at Kojima workshop last summer. She has exquisite taste, and this necklace was definitely a keeper. So here is to you, Newberry, CHEERS !!
Kojima  Newberry Strand.jpg
Love seeing my sister Fiji keshi, Red :) Those 2 necklaces look fabulous together :)
AzFlyGirl, it's indeed a lucky day when Newberry decides to "enable" you; beautiful strand.
BWeaves, no plumbers will come out here on house calls. Pretty pearl day!
Libella, let's see if I can turn your cute castle bear so we can look in his eyes: 20200423_002104.jpg
There is nothing I like better than helping select pearls. AzFlyGirl that strand looks as wonderful on you as I knew it would ;)
Oh, you all look so fabulous for lockdown. What beautiful colours and baroque shapes on display today!
I’m a bit less fancy - just a circle Tahitian pendant. It’s small, but has the most beautiful luster and a lovely subtle pink overtone.