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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks 86C, BWeaves and AzFlyGirl! Love your Tahitians AzFlyGirl and BWeaves!

I wore my Traveling Pearl today as we drove around the tulip fields. Bunny has her own that never comes off.




Active member
AzFlyGirl, love the colors of your T's. You can never have too many Tahitians!

BW, The Goddess is definitely you!!

Jeg, those tulip fields are beautiful! The Travelling Pearl goes to some beautiful locations!!

Today, hubby & I went for a long drive in the mountains today. We took the top off the Vette & really enjoyed the sunshine. So, Kanaloa was able to get out & about!


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There you all go again posting gorgeous pearls. I can't keep up. Lets see:
Red, gorgeous tahitians. It's so fun seeing the original glamour photos. These days I always saves those photos, I didn't do that before. On most shops the photos disappears as soon as you buy the pearls ...
Jeg, you have the lovliest pearls and outfits. I especially love that golden south sea rope you got on the last ruckus. The luster is just amazing, and those tiny seedpearls in the little h earrings. Beautiful earrings. And those tulipfields, my tulips are just opening up. Not all at the same time. I have a mess of tulips and daffodils in my rose flower bed, it's gloriously colorful.
AzFlyGirl, your light silver tahitians from Cees are beautiful on you. I love my silver tahitian strand from Cees as well, so much that I had to restring it this week. Your bronze tahitians are gorgeous as well. Really stunning. I have some loose bronze pearls, 3 I think, they are really beautiful. And I love your multicolored baroque tahitians. Multicolored tahitians are my go to for when I don't know what to wear. They work with everything.
SydK, classics are always great. I save my good akoya strand to give to my sons bride whenever he decides to get married, since the clasp on this vintage piece is dated the same year as he is born. I use to wear it a lot, then discovered tahitians and south seas...
BWeaves, your new pendants are lovely. It really looks like the goddess is waving.
Gemandpearlover, you are on a freshwater roll. They just keep getting prettier. I am not that lucky. Recently I decided that I hate my two freshwater ripple strands, they are unsorted at the moment in a bowl of other pearls I don't like, mainly in the same colorfamily. They look pretty on photos and in very overcast light only. They have to stay in that bowl until better behaved.
86Corvettegirl, Kanaloa is always breathtaking, but my eyes went straight to that Fiji and light golden south sea combo. Those south sea pearls are gorgeous on you.


Aargh, I am (metaphorically) dying from an overload of glamour and visions of the great outdoors after spending so much time at home!
Jeg, you look wonderful, and that SS strand is just impeccable in every respect. The tulip photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Bweaves, Kanaloa is fab as always. The drops hanging from his tentacle are gorgeous.
Bweaves, The Goddess is so cool and really suits you. I’d never paid much attention to the time traveller pieces, but now that I’ve seen your pendant, I’m eyeing the earrings.
Azflygirl, you will hear no complaints about too many T strands from me! And thank you for sharing the lovely story behind that photo. I adore multicolour Ts. And I know the photo isn’t about makeup, but that lipstick is terrific on you.

eolian pearls

Active member
BWeaves you got the Goddess!!! I love love LOVE the time traveller pieces and am so happy I will get to see my favorite Goddess in action! She is the loveliest!

Love everybodys pearls, Azflygirl your silver tahitian strand from Cees converted me to silver pearls! Cees will have so many new requests for these now, I’m sure!

And Kanola!!!! I would just wonderously gape at you if I met you wearing this treasure 86Corvettegirl! Looks like it came from a royal vault, such an incredible piece!!!

Oh and Jeg, I am such an fan of your pearl collection and style! Always a pleasure to see your pictures!

SydK talking about lipsticks :) I never got to tell you but a while back you posted a pic of your beautiful fireball pendant and you were totally rocking it wearing a greta shade of red lipstick!


New member
Tulips, the Goddess, garden parties and great news from AZ. Thank you all for the wonderful messages and the kind comments.

I took advantage of a discount code and free shipping and splurged on a new OSKA outfit. Top Lissina and Matia trousers in Hemp. White souffle necklace from PP and moonstone, SS pearl and diamond earrings from Stephen Vincent Design.




So I was all dolled up today to take delivery of two cases of chocolate chips from the Fed Ex man. Hubby came home a few days ago saying the grocery store was out, so I made the order. Tomorrow I'm scheduled to pick up 15 pounds of flour from a local mill. Happy to keep a local grinder in business.



Active member
OMG, I'm sure I'm going to accidentally leave someone out. BUNNY has her own PEARL! I love it. Kanaloa is magnificent! Souffle's and moonstones and new clothes. I love it all.


Active member
Me too; you all look so wonderful ... beautiful pearls, TULIPS ... fantastic, and you all made my day! Can't resist 2 shoutouts: BWeaves, I never envisioned myself wearing a shark's tooth; ever. But ooh, Time Traveler Goddess is magnificent! The size of the pearl, the ocean wave pearl carvings; she comes to life ... well named! Red, Fabulous choices today; the new OSKA choices are lovely colors and patterns, and SO perfect with your jewelry ... beautiful colors on you too! Thank you all :)


New member
Jeg your goldens are beautiful and I am so happy you got to see those beautiful tulips. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

AZflygirl- thank you for the shout out to healthcare workers. That was very kind of you. Your Tahitians are so colorful, I can see why the stylist was mesmerized.

BWeaves- the Goddess is beautiful and unique. Such a wonderful piece.

86Corvettegirl- How exciting to drop the top and wear your Kanaloa. The new outfit, soufflé pearls and cookies look great.

I haven't been wearing pearls to work. I am off for the next few days and will be able to wear my much loved strands.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you so much for all the nice comments, 86C, Charlotta, SydK, eolian pearls, Red, BWeaves, CathyKeshi, and Gemandpearlover!
86C, sounds like the best outing- top off, sun out, Kanaloa on...:D
Red, splashing new OSKA to go with your pearls. The scarf, too!


Active member
GRRRR, my pipes are leaking again, but at least we caught it before it flooded the house. Same place as last year. Same time as last year. My pipes always want to ruin my pearl budget. I have to replumb the entire house.

But I dressed up fancy today. White T-shirt. Perfect pearl drops and SS tin-cup from Kojima. Natural white Hanadama rope from PP. Greg Who hanging off Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon strand. The clasp is small enough to go through those big bails. (I wrote BAILS, right?)




Active member
Yes, Gemandpearlover & Jeg! It was so much fun riding with the top down! I wish we could have stopped & shopped at some little antique shops but they were closed.
BW, you look wonderful in all your pearl glory! So sorry to hear about the pipes. They can be such a pain.


New member
At least you do look gorgeous in your pearls Bweaves. Can't they just change the pipe piece that’s broken. Why do they have to replumb the whole house? Also no guarantee on the pipes they fixed last year. They ought to last more than one year.


Active member
Yikes, BWeaves, leaky pipes ... oh, that's distressing. We had a waterfall in the kitchen a few days ago; that was NOT a planned feature of Walter's upstairs plumbing repair ... Nor was the waterfall that poured out across the back fender of my vintage camper last fall; I'm still traumatized by that one! I'm so glad you included the picture showing the full length of your white outfit today; it really shows off the beauty of those long strands ... and that white "T" shirt is adorable!!!


Active member
25 years ago, they used a certain type of pipe, and it gets pin hole leaks when lightning strikes nearby. They didn't discover this for 20 years and now everyone who has a 25 year old house is having to replumb all the pipes. The old pipes are no longer to code.

The plumbers did fix the leak last year, but this leak is a couple of inches away from the previous leak. So it's not the plumber's fault. We should have replumbed last year when we had the first leak, but we were hoping it wouldn't happen again so soon. If this is the second leak, then we probably have leaks all over, and I don't want any more surprises.

It's always something.


Active member
My vintage camper used a type of plumbing pipe now known to turn brittle and break at unexpected and unfortunate times; many Airstream and Avion (ours) owners have re-plumbed the entire camper. I suggested this to Walter; I believe his answer was along the lines of "Walter WHO???". After last year's waterfall, he reconsidered, but now getting the parts for a camper that's in "dry dock storage" isn't worth the risks.