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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Parrot Lady

New Member
CathyKeshi, that pendant is beautiful, like a Fabergé egg.

BWeaves, I love the pearl and emerald Hisano pendant. Emeralds are my birthstone so, like pearls, I can’t have too many.


Always good to see La Perlagrina - the pearl that caused me to spend many, many hours and several hundred dollars to obtain a perfect water-drop shaped Tahitian pendant (it was worth it) :)


New Member
Thanks for the kind words 86, Pattye, SydK, Charlotta, and JillM!
SydK, LOVE that fireball pendant!
Jeg- what a beautiful pendant and lovely trip pics.
BWeaves- that Perlagrina, gorgeous, and nicely coordinated with your outfit. Kinda wishing we were quarantining somewhere warmer...
Cathykeshi- WOW, what incredible artistry!!!

Today is wet and cold and morale is flagging for those of us in the office. Pulled out my pink tourmaline, diamond, and gold pearl button drops from Na Hoku. They always make me happier, and they go so nicely with my Kate Spade outlet jumper. IMG_20200319_104249.jpgMVIMG_20200319_104022.jpgIMG_20200319_104445.jpg
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New Member
That’s s gorgeous pendant CathyKeshi, Sarah did an amazing job.
Your emerald little h pendant is as good as new Bweaves, and of course stunning.
Your earrings are really pretty sarahsmile87.


Active member
Many thanks, 86Corvettegirl, Incik Boncuk, Charlotta, and sarahsmiles87 :)

JerseyPearl, I love the pendant on my chain from Venice. It didn't fit through the bail, but I bought that chain in part because it has a removable end with a threaded pin on, to fit through smaller bails, so it's perfect. It also looks very nice on a long, very smooth supple Italian snake chain but the photographer ran out of patience ;)

Sarahsmiles, those earrings are incredible; love that combination, and how perfect with your lovely sweater ... gorgeous!


New Member
CathyKeshi and Jerseypearl, that is the most gorgeous pendant! I haven't been posting for awhile, but I had to come and comment on it because there was an audible WOW! when I saw it.
Congrats! Now I need one......


Active member
Hi 2thdktr; good to see you here again. Thanks, I also had audible gasps the first time I saw a photo of these pearls, and when JerseyPearl sent me photos of TRAYS from Tucson ... well, Walter came in to ask what in heavens name all the shrieking was about LOL. I feel so blessed to have had her choose this pearl for me, and I could never thank Jersey Pearl enough :) P.S ... Yep, you need one ;)


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much Marianne, JillM, 86C, and Sarahsmile87! I need to go back and finish seeing the rest of the country. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people.

Sarahsmile87, I love your earrings and they are so cheery with your sweater.

CathyKeshi, what a seriously gorgeous pendant. It’s quite fabulous.:p

One more pic of bunny and traveling pearl meeting a dragon carved by a famous water puppet artist.


Traveling Pearl
I posted this in the other thread, so I am repeating the Little h soufflé earrings with matte gold findings I purchased. The Indigo scarf is from a shop in Hanoi that creates Shibori works of art.


Active member
I did get outside today. I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear pearls or Native American Turquoise, so I am wearing both. LOL I hope the pic doesn't flip.


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Traveling Pearl
Thanks 86C! Wow, you really dressed to go out. I’ve been wearing my new earrings, but no pictures since I’m slobbing it with an oversized T-shirt.

Here’s the other pair of Little h earrings. Dangly Tahitians with rubies. Also with another scarf from Vietnam. I was happy to see the bright rainbow colors of the Tahitians when I unwrapped them because Dangly T’s can disappear in my hair. They are very colorful.:eek: