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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
OOOO, JEG, I love the layers. I never think of layering my pearls like that. I'll have to go play in my pearl box. I also love your sweater and the buttons.


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Happy Valentine's Day, Pearl friends! I went retro today. Also, it got cold today, so back to cashmere and wool tweed.

Ruby hearts and akoya drops. Nana's necklace redone with Freshadamas. Mom's circle pin.




Mom's akoya ring and freshie bracelet.



New member
I am notoriously bad at remembering to photograph the pearls that I do wear every day. They tend to be rather blurry, mostly because of the light I think. Recently I wore my ombre tahitian rope from Cees, my new golden south sea ripple rope from Pearlescence, that I made endless last week, and my aubergine tahitian studs from Oceanscove. I had this combination on for several days. After removing the clasp o the golden ripples the two ropes nests perfectly.
Then I used my rainbow strand and my colorchanging edison huggies from Pearlescence for several days as well and this morning.
Then I took some photos of my deep golden south sea studs from Pearlescence and suddenly craved wearing golden pearls so added my deep golden south sea strand from Cees and the studs (removed the edisons of course).
Played some with the golden strand and the rainbow strand.
But now I am only wearing the golden set.
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Thank you Bweaves. I feel very fortunate to have these strands to play with. Pearls are not generally worn in sweden, except for round white ones. Recently some designer used some "baroque" pearls in some designs for earrings I think, they were quite popular with some influencers... Funnily enough they did use the word baroque as if it was a new sort of pearl. I don't know what kind of pearl it was, probably freshwaters. The price wasn't that high. The pearls wasn't all that good either. One thinks that if you are to write an article on something you do a smidge of research...


New member
Jeg, I love everything about this look! I’m sure you have several of us looking for gssp strands and pendants! I would love to just frolic in your pearl stash! (Sorry, I forgot to hit the reply with quote button)


New member
Jeg, I adore your combination of GSS pearls, with that lovely sweater. Looks elegant and oh so pretty ! I think that is one of my favorite combos of your wardrobe and GSSs to date I have seen.

Charlotta love your rope that you doubled in the one picture. The colors look lovely against your skin, and delightful as a double strand. Nice to see all the your nice strands and your style.

BWeaves I adore your retro look. Those earrings were perfect for Valentines day, and are so unique and pretty. And the white pearls your wore are a classic, and classics never go out of style. A very elegant look.


New member
Jeg- love the way you layered your GSS pearls with the keshi pearls and SS pendant. Very stylish.

BWeaves your retro look is beautiful. I especially love the ruby and Akoya earrings. Very classic look.

Charlotta the rainbow strand looks really good with the GSS strand. I love how the rainbow strand lays over the GSS strand- giving a golden backdrop to the exciting colors of the rainbow strand.


New member
Thank you AzFlyGirl and Gemandpearllover. I did wear my old sweater inside whilst taking the photos, smallest kitten still climbs on me sometimes and I don't want her to ruin my cashmere sweaters. She is fast, so I always has to change as soon as I get indoors. She has in fact made several holes in the indoor sweater as well.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Marianne, BWeaves, CathyKeshi, Charlotta, TXPearlLV, AzFlyGirl, and Gemandpearlover! :eek:

I had fun playing with messy layers over several days last week, but didn’t have a chance to take pics of all of them. Here are a few of them-
Freshwater strand from Hong Kong, Tahitian keshi pearl chain, Andy Muller mini wave strand, and an Edison pendant from PP.



Very baroque blue Akoya from Kojima, Vietnamese Akoya mix from Hong Kong, custom Kojima strand of mixed SS and Akoya, silver blue Akoya from PP.


Light silver Tahitian strand from PP, Vietnamese Akoya mix from Hong Kong, scatter tin cup from PP, Tahitian pendant from Hawaii.AED22B73-AA24-4AF9-AF7E-867ACA409BEA.jpg



New member
Not glamorous but I love the soft pastel freshwaters. Today I am wearing a 36 inch light pink/lavender necklace doubled up. The pearls are 9.5 to 10.5mm. I think the pastels go really good with grey which I tend to wear a lot of during the winter months.