Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you Gemandpearllover.
The octobabies are so cute, 86Corvettegirl. It sure is a special piece that you will get lots of wear out of. The pearls ard gorgeous, are they all south seas? Faboulous design.
WOWZA!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW! That's amazing, and GORGEOUS. It reminds me of a piece I saw in one of the pearl books I have that is a bib of large keshi, and I always admired that piece, but yours so 100 times better. WOW!
That is truly wearable art, 86C! If I were in a meeting with you, I’d barely be able to focus on anything other than Kanaloa! The central octo and clasps are fabulous together, and the pearls... Mm-mm!
Thank you Gemandpearllover.
The octobabies are so cute, 86Corvettegirl. It sure is a special piece that you will get lots of wear out of. The pearls ard gorgeous, are they all south seas? Faboulous design.

Some are GSS, some WSS, FW ripples, nuggets, & rice pearls. The Octo-Pearl is the SS pearl I bought from PP during their Feb VIP launch earlier this year.
Thank you Marianne, BW, CricketBug, & JP! Kanaloa has been a huge hit so far today. My Doctor had a fit over him as did several of her nurses & techs. My Dr had to try him on. She was surprised how comfortable he is to wear. I can't wait to show him to my jeweler. He's a huge lover of pearls & calls me his "Pearl Queen". I definitely feel like a Queen with him on!!
86Corvettegirl, you are a pearl queen. The octo-pearl is especially stunning.
86CG, I’m speechless over your new piece from Sheri. It’s phenomenal!! Enjoy and wear in the best of health!
Thank you, BN. Kanaloa is a show stopper. He's has drawn praise everywhere I've been today. I just love wearing him!
As we like to do every year, my H and I attended the East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in Springfield, MA. It's always held on the 2nd weekend in August, in the Better Living Center on the fairgrounds for the Big E (agricultural fair).
Here's their ad if anyone wants to go tomorrow or Sunday:

East Coast show.jpeg

It's not a particularly good show for pearls, so I had no expectations of seeing any I wanted to buy. But the large mineral specimens are always fun to see-- Kristalle's booth has an amazing rubellite crystal this year-- and if you like gemstone jewelry or loose gems, it is worth going to this show at least once.

This year, for once, we weren't looking for anything in particular. But then I saw it-- a golden south sea strand that I knew my daughter would love. (She is indifferent to white pearls and Tahitians but loves my goldens.) They are fat drop shapes , which she also loves. And they are the same color as the studs I bought for her, that inspired her to pierce her ears (still healing.) My digital gauge says they're 11.9mm to 16.9mm. They are not the deepest gold but they suit her skin tone beautifully. And...huge! :D

She was delighted with her surprise and I'll post photos tomorrow for sure! The best light is gone today.

Meanwhile I want to just say which booth I got them from, as they have other nice pearls, including large Tahitians, a round deep golden SS strand and a mixed gold and white SS strand. It's booth #89, Joan's Collection. (
I found Joanna to be a delightful lady to chat pearls with and will definitely be checking out her booth next year too!
Oh, I wish I could go but I'll be with my Mom tomorrow. Sounds like you saw some awesome things. What a surprise to see a pearl booth since pearls are generally not at a Gem & Mineral Show. Have fun & am looking forward to seeing pics of the strand you got.
I grabbed a quick shot of her wearing the strand under the kitchen lights, and adjusted for the lighting. The colors are approximately right except the blue shirt looks a bit murky.

My daughter with her GSS necklace.jpg
Oh that's a lovely GSS strand ! Love the shapes ( I'm a sucker for drops) and the colour is wonderful. I think with GSS you need to buy what suits your skin tones and not what is perceived to be the most desirable. It's beautiful.

CorvetteGirl- That is an amazing necklace. I saw it on FB the other day and thought it must be for a PGF pearl lover !! Absolutely spectacular.
Thanks Katbran! She was a little shocked by the size but I told her she'd get used to them fast! :D

By the way, the pearls are from Australia! :)
Wow, she’s got beautiful skin and that Golden is fabulous on her! Great find, spot on with the shade, I don’t know how you do it.
You made me look again, I think the size is good. The graduation of the necklace is graceful, I think it looks terrific altogether.
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What a beautiful strand! I love the color with her skin tone. I agree with Katbran that you choose the color GSS that suits your skin tone the best. I find the light & medium tones work for me. I'm sure your daughter is thrilled!!

Thanks Katbran. Sheri did a spectacular job. He's perfect in every way!