Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Gemandpearllover, I think that your blue akoya and tahitian strand is lovely. Is it the colors you are unsure about?

Thank you Charlotta, 86Corvettegirl and Parrot Lady. :)

Charlotta I am not sure about the randomness of the Tahitians in the necklace. They might be a little too big in relation to the smaller Akoyas. I will give it a few weeks and see if I change my mind.

Looking forward to more pearl pictures from all of you. I find it relaxing to look at all the beautiful pearls posted.
Happy Belated Birthday KMFDallas! The ombre strand looks wonderful on you, and what a perfect present!

I love everyone's custom designs. Those cute tin cups with keshi Jeg made are really one of my favorites and I will need to make one soon. They look perfect for those hot days when you know you're going to have to sweat a little. Jeg, I also love that bail with the huge loop... can I ask where you got it? I bet its perfect for a big pearl pendant to slip on a small strand too.

Gemandpearllover, your blue akoya/T strand is neat. I don't think you can ever have too many blue strands. How big is the pearl in the center? You managed to find three T pearls with a nice distinct circle in the middle! The big T strand looks great on you too.

Corvettegirl, I made a similar blue/white baroque akoya strand like yours and wore it today to work! Your souffle is really nice, and I bet the colors on that and the big baroques are amazing in person. I really like your akoya keshi necklace too. The lighter look really fits these hot Texas summers.
Hi Amti- I have a few different clasps I use to go over the pearl chains. That particular one is 14kt from Rio Grande.

I posted some of my new pearls from the Pearls By The Bay event, but I am also adding them to this thread...

Two long mixed pearl strands


A shorter freshwater strand with purple, burgundy pearls, and a tin cup I made with pearls I found at the event. The pendant pearl has a natural hole.

2 temp strands of colorful silver Tahitians I knotted into a long strand



2 temp strands of high luster, very colorful, (coppery, pinky, greenish) freshwater pearls I made into a long strand and bracelet.



Glorious pearls as always Jeg, but I can't see your neckshots.

Sorry, I don’t know what happened to the attachments and I also can’t get back in to delete the post. I hesitate to add any more pictures until everything is running a little more smoothly-
Amti, you are so right about the hot Southern summers....the lighter the better. I would love to see a pic of your blue/white Akoya necklace! Sometimes, I will wear one of mine by itself as well.

Jeg, the pearls you got while at Pearls by the Bay are just exceptional!!! The colors & luster are just phenomenal!! Those mixed strands are spectacular!!

My next acquisition is going to be a long multicolor Tahitian strand but it will have to wait a while. My special project I've had in the works with Sheri is now finished & on it's way to me. I'm so excited to get it: it's been a long wait but well worth it! Sheri's talent & designing skills are so amazing!! She has such an eye for design! I can't wait to post pics for all to see!!
86Corvettegirl, can't wait to see your new project.
Today I'm wearing my drop tahitian strand. I made this one with my favorite pearls from a strand from Pearl Paradise and one from Wen Pearls, the most colorful that is. The drop earings I wirewrapped with a pair of tahitians I bought from Druzydesign.
Thank you so much 86C! I’m very excited about the new pearls! :D I can’t wait to see your new special project!
Very colorful, Charlotta! I love the interesting shapes!
Ok, Ladies....He's here!!! Sheri & I have been collaborating on this project since last year. It's been a long wait but well worth it! Took my breath away when I opened the package. I cannot sing Sheri's praises enough!! This is an amazing statement piece & could not have come to fruition without her talent & amazing gift of design. Thank you, Sheri! You have outdone yourself with this one!!!

I've taken a couple of pics indoors & outside in shaded light. I will be taking more pics later.
Introducing Kanaloa...Ancient Hawaiian God of the Sea...


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86Corvettegirl, this is gorgeous. Sheri is really talented, it's really intricate, no wonder it took a while. Beautiful.
Thank you, Charlotta. It's a one of a kind statement piece & looks like it should be in a museum! It's got some weight but is very comfortable to wear. I am beyond thrilled!
Wow! A special piece indeed. With the incredible octopus front and center. He looks like he is trying to hide in the sea of pearls.
Thank you, Red. It turned out beautifully & the clasp is special, too, 2 octobabies. I feel so glamorous with it on! Here's a full picture Sheri sent me.


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Beautiful and colorful Tahitians Charlotta. Well done. :)

86Corvettegirl- Wow and Wow! What a stunning unique piece. This is going to bring you joy for years to come. Thanks for sharing such wonderful eye candy. I just want to reach through the screen and touch it.
Thank you, Gemandpearlover! A lot of positive energy went into the making. Her kitten, Luna, was a big help. I wonder if she knows my blue ringed Octobaby from Sheri is named Luna. LOL But Kanaloa is special... I feel empowered wearing him. I have several appointments tomorrow so Kanaloa will be out & about!
Amti, you are so right about the hot Southern summers....the lighter the better. I would love to see a pic of your blue/white Akoya necklace! Sometimes, I will wear one of mine by itself as well.

Here's an old thread showing pictures, Corvettegirl:!&p=192123&viewfull=1#post192123

I hope you get your long T strand soon. I love Tahitians on a rope because I can admire the beautiful colors all day long!