Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I have been living in my Japan Kasumi strand and have been trying to organize ALL the photos I took. It is such a delightful strand to photograph because I can just put it under the window and snap. Unfortunately I can’t quite get the colors when it’s around my neck. :eek:

Japan Kasumi necklace from Kojima Pearl
Worn with a Grace Pearl Edison that was a special request for Jeremy’s shopping list several years ago. It is hanging from a purply pink pearl chain with pearls from Hong Kong.



Layered with a flower link necklace



Worn with a Sea of Cortez mabe and gemstone necklace from Kojima, Ruckus 2017



I’ll change pearls for this week.... maybe!:rolleyes:
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JEG: I love all those combinations. Once again, you remind me of my favorite Flower Fairies.
Thank you jeg, Corvette, and Charlotta! jeg, not a lot of creativity or creating happening these days, I've been all work and kids all the time! It's fun in a different way, of course, but I do miss making things. I've been doing a fair bit of embroidery to keep my hands busy so that helps.

Ohhhh those kasumis are insanely beautiful! The colors! And I'm in love with your flower link necklace, it's lovely <3
Jeg, your Kasumi necklace is off the chain!!! I just love how it works with all kinds of combinations!! Gloriously beautiful. It's what I'm looking for in a Kasumi strand...colors, size, everything!! Pearl Fairy quality!!
My youngest got paid today & wants to take me out to dinner for an After Mother's Day treat so I broke out my Tahitian & WSS ombré strands with Tahitian studs.


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Jeg, I'm not sure which I like seeing more...your pearls or your fabulous wardrobe! Wait...I know, BOTH!!

86, we aren't quite to the stage yet where anyone is buying us dinner, however my adults (I've been banned from calling them kids) are all self sufficient, so that's progress. I absolutely love your ombre strand!
Thanks, JP. All our boys are grown & on their own; one is 22 & the other is 28. They're really good about taking us out to eat but the youngest wanted to just take me out so we could spend some mother son time together. He works 6, sometimes 7 days a week so he likes his Mom time. We always let them know when we're going out & if their schedule allows it, they come along & we usually pick up the tab. They're good about recipricating, especially when they often grocery shop from my freezer. LOL
First a bigThanks for your lovely compliments on the Fiji pearls, 86Corvette, jeg, battah, and Cricketbug ! Very kind of you !

Battah, I really wasn't sure about these when they arrived. It wasn't until I put them on that I thought... oh... these are really nice on ! Pearls can be so tricky...sometimes they look great just in the box but a bit ordinary on and then the happy surprise when they look ordinary in the box but look great on ...
Also I love your wrap bracelet ! As for the Edison Keshi - when I was in Hong Kong I specifically asked about them at Grace Pearl as someone here had asked me for some. Grace said they do not produce Keshi pearls. Now it might mean that they sell off any that happen ... but they seems mystified that I was asking.
You can , however, buy Ming Keshi . Ming are the same type of production as Edison..just a different company. I bought two or three strands but they were down to the dregs by the time I found them. So not exactly amazing but still nice.

Jeg - Those Kasumi...I'd be wearing them everyday as well. You have a tremendous sense of style and an great eye for fashion. Your combinations are always 'spot on' . Love all the layers !! That little flower necklace is so cute !

86Corvette - Isn't it nice when they are old enough to take you out on special occasions... and pay lol I love that Ombre Tahitian strand you could layer that with so many other pieces. Lovely lustre
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jeg and 86C, you two are really putting on a clinic!

jeg, that strand is absolutely spectacular and seems to go with so many things. What a find! 86C, the ombre strand is stellar and looks wonderful on you.

battah, I love the necklace-bracelets!
Thank you, Katbran & CricketBug. The ombrés really are versatile & work with all kinds of combinations. I'm so glad I decided to get both of them. And yes, Katbran, it is nice when they are responsible enough to ask us out & pick up the tab. LOL
Such a lovely bunch pearls and ladies.
86CG, your ombré strand is beautiful, but I think I like your green Tahitian strand best.
Katbran, i’ve never seen a Fiji strand in person, but they look great on you and as far as necks go, you’re looking good.
jeg, words can’t describe how beautiful that Kasumi strand is. I especially liked it with the flower link necklace.
Thank you so much, BWeaves, battah, 86C, JerseyPearl, newberry, Katbran, CricketBug, and ParrotLady! I really appreciate all your wonderful compliments, and so glad you are entertained by my eclectic style. :eek:

86C, love those ombrés, and looks like you were ready to go out for dinner in style. You did a great job with your sons, too! It sounds like they are very close to their parents.:eek:
Beautiful stunning kasumis Jeg.
Your ombre strands are so nice 86Corvettegirl, how nice of your child to take you out for dinner.
Thanks ParrotLady, Jeg, BW, & Charlotta! Y'all are all so sweet!

We had our share of difficulties with both boys & there were times they thought we were the meanest parents in the world. Now that they are experiencing life as adults, they now realize we weren't as dumb or mean as they thought we were. We are all very close now.
We had our share of difficulties with both boys & there were times they thought we were the meanest parents in the world. Now that they are experiencing life as adults, they now realize we weren't as dumb or mean as they thought we were. We are all very close now.
LOL! My father used to say that as a young many, he noticed that the older he got, the smarter his parents became. ;)
Thanks so much, Charlotta!

Change in pearls, change in weather...

Long strand made of Vietnamese Akoya from the Hong Kong show. Worn with a custom necklace from Kojima, made with SS golden and white keshi I sent them from the Hong Kong show. Large golden SS Kojima pendant hanging from the orbit clasp. Sarah’s team discussed this project and created the most versatile version. Two strands with open orbit clasps on all four ends. I can connect them, create lariats, and each one can be wrapped as bracelets.


Vietnamese Akoya and custom SS and Akoya strand

I posted this photo when the project was completed, but it shows the individual necklaces.
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It's been probably over a year and half since I've posted, and I've never posted much, and I've been catching up with this thread. I didn't want to post until I was able to view all of the beautiful pearls and styles. My husband calls this my "pearlnography".

But, I've caught up and now get to post a few photos. The first is a Kamoka pearl I wore yesterday, I got it some time in 2017, I think, maybe early 2018. The camera and/or my camera skills and the light don't begin to do this beauty justice, I just love it. IMG_20190513_204447088.jpg

The second, if I'm able to post more than one at a time, is a BEAUTIFUL Kojima tin cup which arrived a few days ago. There are so many things I thought I didn't like, until seeing others on this site wearing those styles/etc, then I realized how much I do like them. Oxidized silver is one of them, didn't think I'd like it, but on this necklace, I love it. Also, and I'm afraid you can't see them, are Tahitian kasha from Kojima I'm also wearing. Didn't think I would like Tahitians, and I love them, or keshi, and I LOVE these little earrings. IMG_20190514_202735827.jpg