Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

The Hamantaschen pendant (Pacific Pearls) and white gold Mikimoto earrings.


Lily Pad ring from Kojima.


Emerald and Souffle' pendant and tin-cup from littleh. I wore it with emerald earrings today, and green tourmaline rings, and a jade bangle.

Thanks Charlotta and Katbran! Katbran, I know, it was a bit of a risk, but fortunately there weren’t any splashes.

BWeaves, your whites always look so crisp and fresh, and that little h piece is gorgeous.
BW, you look very cool in you Miki earrings, Hamantaschen pendant, & Lily pad ring! Perfect for a hot day! And I am so in love you little h emerald & soufflé pendant!! I just adore it!!
I bought temp strands of these freshwater pearls a long time ago and made several pieces with them. They were pre-ripple pearls and some vendors called them “textured” pearls. I had almost forgotten about these necklaces, but rediscovered them when I was going through one of my jewelry boxes.

Bubbly cascade necklace from Kojima, worn with a rope of “textured” pearls. Also wearing keshi studs. (I usually have studs or some sort of earrings on but rarely photograph them)

Textured pearls knotted with a leather cord.
The little h emeralds looks great with that dress/top Bweaves, and with the emerald tincup as well. All shades green.
Jeg nicd pre ripples projects. Isn't it fun to find things in your own stash that you forgot about?
Fantastic, Jeg!! It's nice to find treasures inside your jewelry box. What's the mm size of these & can you post a close up pic of the texture, please?
Amazing Grace cross by Barbara Bixby with my white Soufflé necklace from Sakura.


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The tahitians and blue akoyas looks great on you Gemandpearllover.
The cross is gorgeous with those souffles 86Corvettegirl.
Beautiful pearls everyone!!!

Sakura? Wasn't that the pearl brand we were trying to discover information about a year or so ago?
Thanks Charlotta, Bcm21mk, & BW.
BW, Sakura is a seller on Etsy. Her shop is SakuraPearlsAndGems. I've had her make me several pieces.
Gemandpearlover, that can be both a casual- -and- -elegant look!

86C your whites look so pretty with that periwinkle color! I am attaching a pic of some loose pearls from the strands that best represent the texture. The rope doesn’t have the luster of these even though they came from the same strands. Just a guess, but I think the mm size is around 10-11mm.
BWeaves I love your souffle necklace- so fresh.
Jeg- the luster on those loose pearls are gorgeous. I love the metallic slightly pinkish white (on my monitor) color.

Here is what I am wearing today. Tahitians and Edisons. Hubby and I are going to the historical museum in town. It is only open one day a month and I have never been there yet.

Nice luster on those pre-ripple pearls Jeg.
Gemandpearllover, you look gorgeous in those tahitians and edisons.
Today I'm wearing my tiny 3-4mm lavender rose off-round freshwater pearls from Pearllunar, that I restrung with Beaders secret in rose today, with a big tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety and my ginormous 11-15mm ripples from Kongspearl and my pink metallic drops from Pearllunar.
I did restring the ripples in Beaders secret in rose this week as well.
The ripples are very big for me. I usually prefer pearls under 11mm for strands.
Jeg, I love the size of the textured ripples & the luster is TDF!!! I would be thrilled to have a rope of those!!!

Gemandpearlover, enjoy the museum! Love the combination of Tahitians & Edisons!

Charlotta, you look beautiful in your large ripples! I don't think they're too big for you & you wear them well. The colors & luster are wonderful & they look awesome with your itty bitties!!
Thank you 86Corvettegirl. :)

Charlotta- I love your new additions to this thread. Your tiny metallic pearls with a Tahitian enhancer look fabulous paired with your metallic ripples. I think the combination is beyond stunning.

Well the museum was fun and we are now members. We put ourselves down on the volunteer list. Hubby for painting and me for gardening. Although hubby did give me a dirty look for putting his name on the list. Lol.
I haven't posted much but am still lurking. Thank you for the eye candy fix ladies!!! And BWeaves, I have to comment... that's such a sweet photo.