Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful pearls, CB. (all my grandkids have teethed on my pearls :))

This warms my heart, Marianne :) You're like my Mom, she purposely wears her biggest blingy-est bling when she sees my girls. She knows it fascinates them!

Thanks Pattye and Charlotta, I love them so much I'm looking for an excuse to buy more! And oh Bweaves, your pearl ensemble is exquisite as usual! What a collection you have, those ripples in the last pic are so metallic :eek: I love how you pay homage to your mom and Nana too <3
Thank you 86Corvettegirl. The akoyastrand is very useful and has great luster to.
Wearing my pipi pearls with Sheri's octo-mermaid, my 22k Goldens from PP, and a new OSKA top and wool cardigan. Catching the last light of the day. More snow is coming tomorrow.

Red, love the pipis, goldens and octomermaid!

Charlotta, I love the pearl chain with the locket. And of course, I love the mismatched studs!
Ombre shawls, beautiful pearls ... I love it all!

Red the goldens and pipis look so great on winter reds!!! The octo/mermaid is incredible on the pipis ... that's a brilliant idea.
I am loving Red's wool sweater! All at the pearls are beautiful too, but we are having frigid weather now for our area and more is on the way... :)
Has been great catching up on this thread.

-10 degrees F here tomorrow. Stay warm out there!
Beautiful pearls everyone - glorious ripples, adorable Keshi and those wonderful pipis. Plus the mermaid and the locket - what a wonderful selection!
But 90 degrees here again today - just looking at all your woollens makes me start to sweat.
Paired with a lovely Pearlescence tahitian pendant, because kiddo has to have something to play with while waiting right?
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Thank you CBL! Very kind of you to say !! I'm so thrilled that you love your Akoya , the colour shifts so much in different lighting conditions. I had a lovely note today from someone in Perth who just received studs and some metallic cluster dangles and she was so happy with the Akoya. There is just something about the ripples and the llght and the pink and blue... you can just sit and stare at them. They look wonderful on you !!

BWeaves - stunning combinations - you do have a wonderful collection of old and new !

Red- I've never seen pipi pearls in real life. I'll have to look around the show in HK . I love the pipi 'chain' and it's perfect for your Octo/Mermaid pendant. Your GSS add some warmth with that golden glow - more snow... oh joy...
80F here today. I had to break out my linen. By weekend, I'll be back in wool, I think.
Hello, lovely friends, long time no see! Just peeping in to say hi and will catch up on your beautiful photos as soon as I can. I miss you all!

Thank you BWeaves, CathyKeshi, Marianne, Andrew, SydK, Katbran, Gemandpearllover, and everyone who commented on the weather. 8 inches down and still falling. It's beautiful.

Here is a flock of juncos at our feeder wishing the female cardinal would hurry up already.

Beautiful pipis Red and that 22k south sea strand looks beautiful with them. The octo-mermaid looks lovely on the pipistrand. A lot of snow. Our snow mostly rained away today, it will probably be back. I love birdfeeders. So does kitten.
I've lost track of all the beautiful pearls so I will comment on the last strand only because that's about all this frozen mind of mine can remember now. It was snowing in central Texas today. Hopefully it won't stick and it'll stop soon. My back deck is icing over, which isn't good for the dogs (or me!).

Red, the pipis and gssp look great with your maroon shirt! The maroon really brings out the gold colors. They look great together!