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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Morella-- That is gorgeous simplicity at it's best.

BWeaves-- the combos are all great, but the combination layering on your plum turtleneck is gorgeous.

JP-- your coin is precious and the layering is so tasteful. I love metals and gems and pearls together. That coin is a find.


Active member
Still cold here, so I took a photo in an empty office. I'm still on a white triples kick.

Natural white Hanadamas from PP, and my first akoya rope, worn with my birthday choker with Mom's mabe' enhancer and mabe earrings. I'm not really a mabe' fan, but I felt like these needed to be worn today. They're growing on me. I think mabe's were Mom's only way of handling pearl shrinkage syndrome in the 1980's and early 90s.


Here's a more infocus shot I just took at home. Years ago, it would have bugged me that the pearls in the various necklaces don't match. Now, viva la difference.


I'm actually blown away by the akoya pearls in my birthday necklace. They're 60 years old and they look as good as my Hanadamas.
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Parrot Lady

New member
JerseyPearl, I love your coin pendant. My grandmother's name was Sarah so it's one of my favorite names.
BWeaves, just wow to that littleH pendant combined with your akoya ropes.
Morella, the Heather Benjamin necklace really compliments your earrings, but lets them shine.


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BWeaves, my mother also had a whole collection of mabe pearl jewelry. Many many pieces are in that same tear drop shape. They aren't really my style, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. It's funny because there are some pieces she had that were antiques that she purchased as estate or at auction that I gladly resold. But her mabe pieces were contemporary, and she really loved wearing them (in her best Alexis Carrington style)


New member
BWeaves - Your layers look fabulous and that Green Emerald Little h piece really pops on that burgundy. And the layers with the Mabe are beautiful. Mabe were certainly a thing back in the day - I think you are right and the 'pearl shrinkage' condition might just explain their popularity :) That pendant is gorgeous !!

Morella- love you new pieces ! Amazing colour !!


Active member
. . . and she really loved wearing them (in her best Alexis Carrington style)

Oh yes, Mom had a bunch of the large round mabe' earrings, and we sold most of them. They just weren't either my or my sister's style. Mom wore them alot during the Princess Diana days. I never cared for the style, but I just couldn't part with the drop shaped pair or the enhancer.

Ugh! Over 80 F today and humid. Digging out my sweatproof pearls.
The Swan and my blue drops from Kojima.


Yesterday it went from 40F to 75F. So hard to dress for both cold and hot weather in the same day. All the blues! And black and white Tahitian studs. Mom's sapphire swan.



Active member
BW, your blues look awesome with your mom's Sapphire swan! It's in the 50's & raining here. Next week will be in the 40's so I get the dressing for the weather. Yesterday was shirt sleeve weather.


New member
BWeaves, I love love love the colour combination you're wearing there and how you've matched the necklaces.

I am very happy that I finally got my preordered Heather Benjamin carved abalone shell necklace. It is a great match for my new earrings.
Actually Heather's jewellery (especially those gorgeous Impala earrings that introduced me to her work here on the forum, THANK YOU PURR!) has inspired me to get my own golden-chained "dynamic" earrings made. Please excuse the messy hair.

View attachment 63565

View attachment 63566

View attachment 63567

Oh Morella I LUUVVV you’re combo! Haha while the hawk and impala necklaces were my first purchase, oh I was tempted by and wanted those horn necklace! They are so versatile and goes with everything. Congrats on your adoption and please post more pics! :eek:


New member
Goodness, BWeaves, you have some of the loveliest ropes.

Today for church I wanted to wear my vintage golden akoyas from Pacific Pearl, but then wasn’t sure I quite liked how the length looked with my blouse. Then inspiration struck! One extender clipped to the ends of the orbit clasp later, I got....


...this look!

Look closely and one can make out the reflection of the houndstooth pattern on the shirt in the pearls.


Active member
I'm trying a different triple combination today. Tahitian Keshi Ombre' Tin-Cup and large ripples from Kojima. Pistachio akoyas from PP. And black and white Tahitian studs from Kamoka.


And, new coin pearl and ruby ring from Kojima. I'm calling it the Flying Saucer. UPDATE: Per Andrew, I've renamed the ring Lily Pad.


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New member
Bonsava, lovely pearls!

BW, I really like the new necklace combination. The new ring is great!

I've branched out from my Tahitian obsession. I made my first purchase from Kojima and bought a rope of white freshwater keshi pearls:

Worn on the wrist:
IMG_7105 (2).jpg

In a moment of better light for a picture while in the box:


Active member
Wonderful combination, BW. They all blend together beautifully. Lily Pad looks gorgeous!

Annie, your white keshi rope is so lustrous! You'll be able to wear that in so many different combos & styles.