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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
I’m in love with that ring, BWeaves. The SOC fits perfectly in that setting.

I have been on a doubles kick.
Long multi Tahitian strand doubled-
20171021 144104

Two Fiji strands-

Two keshi chains with a keshi pendant-


New member
Jeg, your pearls are gorgeous.
Here is my new south sea strand. It's about 18 inch, the pearls are 9-12 and very baroque. Great luster. I also post my south sea strand from Wendy at Perlescence to show the difference in pearl size. The rope I wear all the time, these new ones seems a bit big. I may use the pearls for some project


Active member
JEG: Great doubles!

Charlotta: Being a weaver, I'm totally distracted by the fabric. I'm sitting here analyzing the weave structure. hehehe. Those are beautiful SS pearls. I love the shape of the baroque ones.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta and BWeaves!

Charlotta, I like the baroque shapes on your new SS. I really love that rope!

I am staying with doubles today, but worn in a different way. Lyndsey, at PP, helped me put this together during Ruckus 2015. Two scattered tin cups that are the most versatile pieces I have. Today, I am wearing the two lengths connected together and in a long lariat with a Kamoka pendant. I took two more pictures with them still connected and with the Kamoka, just wrapped differently.





Wow, Jeg, those pearls are incredibly beautiful. I like that they can have a lacey feel, even though they are fairly large. I can see that they are easy to wear.


Active member
Wonderful, Jeg!! What versatile necklaces!! I love the look of them together with your pendant! Your T's just glisten & glow; they look wet! You are really rocking the doubles!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, GemGeek and 86C! They are very light and can be worn in so many ways- really fun strands to play with.


Active member
Went to dinner with our oldest son & his fiancé tonight & decided to wear my 8-10mm multi color Tahitians with one of my Barbara Bixby Amazing Grace cross enhancers made of Garnets & black pearls.


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Active member
Wowza is right. Great look 86C.

JEG, I love how you use the orbit clasps to turn the tin cup into a lariat. Is this the one where both parts of the orbit have the opening mechanism?


Active member
Thank you, Charlotta. I have 2 more in the same design...one with white pearls & London blue topaz & the other with yellow sapphires & pistachio green pearls.


Active member
Yesterday, lapis and Freshadamas:


Today? Everything I could layer on. Everything Bagel rope, Mixed tin-cup, Tahitian Keshi tin-cup from Kojima. Pistachio akoya necklace from PP. And perfect freshy drop earrings from Kojima. Also, Doug's SoC ring. It got up to 85F today, so I'm still rocking the linen.




Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta and BWeaves! BWeaves, yes, there are two necklaces and all four ends have open clasps. Having the open ends, plus links in the chain that they can also attach to, makes for so many options. I see you went to the polls in style yesterday!!! The change-out to the larger freshadamas really stands out in your lapis rope, too.