Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

A couple days of pearls-

A long freshwater strand doubled-

A pearl chain wrapped with vintage Biwa keshi, and an enhancer clip holding a Myanmar SS pendant-

Two beautiful looks, jeg. (love the rain drop background in the last photo… Wonder what inspired that :) )
JEG: I love both looks.

BN: The disco ball clasp on the Hanadamas was ordered special for me by PP. I asked for white gold with CZs instead of diamonds, and a screw clasp instead of a fishhook. I think PP was very hesitant about my request, but when the clasp came in, it looked amazing.

The clasp on my first akoyas is from Fire Mountain Gems. I don't know what the base metal is, but it's plated with gold and has crystals of some sort. It never tarnishes and the crystals are very sparkley. For a "faux" clasp, it's held up very well. I keep thinking of replacing it with a better quality clasp when it starts looking bad, but it looks great. It's also a screw clasp.

Both disco balls are incredibly sparkly in bright light.

For clasps I never intend to open I like the screw clasps because they just look like a bead. There's no claspy bit hanging out. For clasps I know I'll need to open and close a lot, I prefer the fishhook style or an orbit clasp.
Thank you everyone; my photos do not begin to do justice to the translucent glow of these pearls! Josh, yes, the fit is perfection, with plenty of ease to fall down on my wrist, move around and yet stays "right side up" through a long day of shopping for hand dyed art yarns and dinner with family, and I LOVE it. I swear I can feel the tiny electric "life" tingles in those pearls. Walter says I have too much imagination ... he may be right ;)

Jeg, those necklaces look wonderful; not surprising that keshi and Myanmar pendant one is my favorite.
Cathy I love that bracelet !! And those Keshi are beautiful ...I can see how you were smitten !! And I love the photo with the yarn and knitting! Did you buy a trunkful ?? lol

jeg - lovely necklaces ! I find with decent plate that clasps can hold up pretty well, the screw type wouldn't have the metal bits rubbing against each other . And set with stones it can keep the metal back a bit and less rubbing on it. I've tried them from time to time when I want to see how a particular shade of gold .. say Rose Gold... works with certain pearls. Who wants to spend hundreds on a clasp to find it's not right.
Thank you, Katbran. No, I didn't buy all the yarn today lol. That photo is the bracelet taken against a shawl I knit last year, with many colors, stripes and stitch patterns. There is however, a really SMALL bag with a couple of new skeins. And Walter got me a very nice little Anniversary present for next month ... somebody remind me to remind him to get the bag out and put a bow on it lol ...
Thank you, Marianne, BWeaves, Cathy, Pattye and Katbran!! :eek: It’s so great to have pearls friends...

Marianne, ha, I didn’t think of rain with the background, but that Winnie the Pooh song was going through my head all day- “And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down down...”

Cathy, I’d love to see more of your knitting! The little peek at your shawl looks so pretty. I love the colors. Happy early anniversary!
jeg, you have a very unique collection. I'm especially envious (in a good way!) of your Fiji strands :) :)

BWeaves, you are very inspirational yourself! I will wear my blue akoyas with whites next week now, after seeing your photo)) thank you! :)

CathyKeshi, what a lovely bracelet! I really like the figaro links in it, gives it a different touch :)
It's been a very SUNday day today here, so I wore my stackable bracelets - freshwater pearls, jade and aquamarines :)

More classics. My birthday choker (the small necklace) and my white baroque akoyas from PP (the big necklace). Mikimoto yellow gold huggies. Mom's circle pin.

Lugana, lovely combo of pearls with other stones.
BWeaves, pretty akoyas and I love the colors of your blouse.

It's a sunny spring day today so I wear my Fijis. _20180417_165453.jpg
And my SoC keshi bracelet.
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Lugana, love the stacks and the way they play with your watch! BWeaves, great classics on your spring sweater! Pareltje, really love the Fiji and SOC pearls and the great colors!
The Fijis are pretty, but the Sea of Cortez bracelet takes my breath away.
WOW, Pareltje! Those Fijis are lovely!!! (They are by the way ... one of my "got aways" ... I debated over them just a day or so too long LOL) But oh, how I love that SOC Keshi bracelet ... wonderful :)
It was 50F this morning and 90F this afternoon, ugh. I took this photo on my 11 a.m. walk when it was about 65F and I could still wear my sweater and tweed jacket without dying of sweat stroke.

Natural white Hanadama rope from PP. Everything bagel rope from Kojima, doubled. Mom's South Sea earrings.


The big pink pearls are very smooth Kasumi pearls. After seeing Sarah's Kasumi Decade necklace, I feel very honored to have just a few of these as part of my Everything Bagel rope. I confess, I didn't even know they were Kasumi pearls until I got home and read my receipt! I just assumed they were Edisons because I didn't know Kasumi pearls could be so smooth.