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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Great pearls here. I've been absent for a while because of the holiday. And today I couldn't get to the forum since morning, so glad I'm able to access the PG forum again this evening.
Btw was it just me or was there a problem with the website?
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New member
PD the weather has been crazy! Today the high is 65, and tomorrow it's dropping down to a low in the teens. I'm getting whiplash... At any rate I'm enjoying the weather today. The air has been so cold and dry, so today I have all the windows open in the house and am letting in that moisture. The humidity will be down to 15% by the morning...

Pareltje, nice to see you! I couldn't get on PG yesterday afternoon either, I assumed it was down for a bit?

BWeaves, it wasn't too hard! I had some fun with the repair - it's hard to see from the front but I added a thick garnet inlay on the underside of the flowers to reattach the broken petal and to reinforce the whole thing. Pic attached (oy someone please teach me to resize these things so I stop posting enormous photos).

image_6483441 (1).jpg


New member
Battah, yes I'm glad to be back on PG again after a pearl-less holiday. And I thought it was my firewall or something which stopped me from getting on PG. I did witness one of the most spectacular sunsets during the holiday. DSC_1158.jpg

baby nurse

New member
Oh my gosh, stunning sunset, Pareltje! Nothing but grey skies and rain here today, though like battah, I’m welcoming the humidity.

So glad to see PG up and running again!

Gorgeous pearls, BWeaves, Annie, Pearl Dreams, and battah (absolutely amazed that you made that, battah!).


New member
Gorgeous pearls BWeaves, I love all of your ropes and your baroque Ts are wonderful.

Annie, beautiful pastel Ts!

Pearl Dreams, your colour shifting freshies are amazing. Love the metallic luster and the colours really suit you.

Gorgeous combination Battah. Love seeing your creations!

Pareltje, that sunset is stunning!

My sister in SSP keshi studs (Cees) and a freshwater keshi tin cup bracelet.





New member
Those keshi studs and bracelets turned out great!!
How would u compare your kamoka keshi studs compare to these?

Me with my kamoka coconut ring.CM180113-114708004.jpgCM180113-114701003.jpg


Active member
I drooled all over that coconut ring when it was on the Kamoka website, but my fingers are finicky about size, and I wasn't sure how hte coconut would fit, as it's not resizeable. It's GORGEOUS.


New member
Kalmen! Your ring is amazing, what a gorgeous, bright green.

The SSP keshi are v similar to my Kamokas, just as lovely but white not silver and a little bigger. I couldn’t justify keeping both so the SSP went to my sister.



Traveling Pearl
Pareltje, what a spectacular sunset!

Sanippy, I love your keshi! I have been wearing keshi posts almost exclusively lately. Yours are great and what a nice sister!

Kalmen, wow, that Kamoka coconut ring!!


Traveling Pearl
So, I made it back home. Quite a bit of excitement being in Hawaii during the missile threat!

I managed to take one pearl photo while there. SS strand from POJ-


There was a small bead show yesterday with some pearl vendors. I chose a couple temporary strands of Tahitians and keshi from a local Hawaiian vendor.


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