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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
JP that happened with the first batch of souffles I ever worked with - not so bad that I chucked them but I definitely had to clean them out. These don't seem to have a smell. But another downside is I couldn't really wash them like I usually do before stringing, to get rid of the rest of the dust. I didn't want them dribbling water forever...


New member
I wiped them well with a damp cloth after stringing them up (on wire with silicone bumpers), so they seem ok for now. Canned air is a good call though, I'll get a can! In the past I've washed them on their temporary strand and hung to dry so the thread helps wick the moisture out of the cavity. This is a temp string-up so I may give them a temporary stringing on cotton thread and bathe them before I string them permanently. But there's no smell, thank goodness.


New member
Thanks, Sanippy! They're fun to wear :) I need to take a page from baby nurse's book and try layering them with smaller white rounds, I think that would look cool.


New member
eclecticgrl, I'm so glad you like your necklace! you seem to rock it with any outfit! :D and you were great to work with))

I was wearing today my pink tahitian pearl ring in rose gold. Nothing much, but at least I didn't forget to take a photo :D :D

Pink TH ring today.jpg


New member
Gorgeous soufflés, battah. The luster is amazing.
Wonderful oink T, Lugana. I hope you had a great time in Japan.


Active member
It's been a bit busy here. The weather's finally getting bearable to layer on the pearls.

Mom's akoya choker with my natural white Hanadama rope from PP. My PP studs from Ruckus. And Eowyn's Starry Mantle embroidered with freshwater pearls as stars.


Worn with Mom's akoya ring and Freshwater bracelet.


And without the handwoven shawl.


Pistachios and peridots. Or maybe the earrings are tourmaline. The pistachio akoyas were my Ruckus 2016 grab when I first walked into the showroom. There was only the one strand. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't hold onto the blue strand that was in the same bag, but I figured I already had blues. But they were spectacular. Small and intense.



New member
Battah loving the souffles. And they are pretty light around the neck?

Bweaves ahh.. your pistachios. I know what you mean about the blues. I saw them when they first came out and hesitated and finally I saw yours and baby nurse blues and started sending pp my requests to be on the wishlist.... So far... nothing.


New member
Thanks, Kalmen! They're very light and comfortable - definitely an easier way to wear big guys.

BWeaves ohhhhh that shawl! It's heavenly. So, so beautiful.


New member
I’m having SUCH A HARD TIME getting good action shots of these pearls, so I took a second photo of them to show color. They look so good in person but photos tend to wash them out. The souffles are from John Tu and the rounds are freshwaters from PP (two strands linked together), plus a pendant I made.

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