Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

BritM WOW - love your natural color hanadamas!!

Pearl dreams, it seems your daughter just caught the pearl bug- yay!!
PD the Ts look amazing on your daughter. Is that the multicoloured strand you originally purchased for her?

Beautiful Brit!
JP, I can't believe your daughter thinks pearls are stuffy! Your designs are anything but.
BritM,! I can totally understand why you've got that gorgeous smile on with your recent purchase! Congrats on the pearl purchases!

PD, those are such beautifully colored Ts... it shouldn't take much to convince anyone to wear them!

JP, I finally added you on Instagram! So if you got a few comments from someone a couple of hours ago, well, that'd be me! :D

Thanks amti!
PD the Ts look amazing on your daughter. Is that the multicoloured strand you originally purchased for her?

No, that one is round, smaller, and more multicolored (all of which qualities she doesn't like about it-- which is just as well since my H is enjoying wearing it). She says that one "lacks a theme" color-wise.
Here's my Kamoka floating Tahitian, worn yesterday. IMG_0182.jpg
Long dangly SS and Baroque SS pendant.

Long dangly SS and Baroque SS pendant.

Going to work wearing my long dangly pendulum like white SS. Its 9 cm long 18 ct white gold chains n 11 mm pearls. I got this from an auction for 248$. Pics arent very clear it keep swaying allover the place. Normally dont really like white gold n white pearl..they kinda look so pale. But I like the whole shape of the earrings. Its long.
The pendant is baroque SS set in 22k gold. Got that from Lombok Island in Indonesia. I dont know the size of the pearl.


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I've admired your recent Kamoka strands, Cicadalady, and this photo doesn't begin to do this beauty justice. I love it. It's blue/green/pink, and I love it. When I saw it on the Kamoka site, I thought about it quite a while, since I'd gone relatively crazy with then-recent pearl purchases (I've only gotten worse since then), but then when I finally decided to get it, I couldn't get it fast enough; I was so terrified someone else might get it I almost cried until it was clear I had been the lucky one. I love it, and I've never even really been a fan of floating necklaces.

Asurazzy, that pendant is the one the jeweler who put together your miles-of-rope SS/Tahitian necklace threw in for free, right? That's a pretty nice pendant, even more so as surprise gift.

(edited to say, I should be clear, I didn't actually almost cry. It's just an expression I use, but here, it sounds like I'm being literal, and therefore sounds like I'm a bit of a fool. While I was anxious, I did not actually almost cry.)
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All so gorgeous ladies. Love the pearly beauties.

Today took out my PP white Edisons and wore the together with ripples.PhotoGrid_1501165151098.jpg