Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I've got to follow you too, JP. I see you comment on a few photos and keep meaning to do that. I try not to get onto Instagram more than twice a week bc I end up looking at so many new and wonderful things. There are some amazing photos!
For a small business owner, it's a great way to get exposure to an audience that you may otherwise never touch.
Brit, love your bibble necklace, looks very happy against your top!
Katalin, congrats on your creation! Very pretty pearls! I love tincups in the summer!
Katalin, I love everything about that necklace. I need to add learning how to make tin cups to the list of things I need to learn, including stringing and knotting.
Thanks for the responses to you all! BritM believe me, wire wrapping is easy and I have a lot of fun doing it. This whole necklace took me only about 1 hour, so it's worth it!
PP natural white hanadamas with PofJ gem grade FWP earrings. The gem grade match the hanadama strand better than my akoya wedding studs do. IMG_0167.jpg
Lovely! Turning that photo for you...
I'd love to see what they look like outdoors sometime. :)

BritM's akoyas.jpg
What lovely pearls BritM!

I'm officially off photo flipping duty for a while, as am already in California ... no laptop :)
BritM - those are lovely akoyas! They look really good with your skin tone. Those natural colored ones are on my wish list, for sure!
I'm feeling particularly pleased today-- my daughter seems to have turned a corner and now loves wearing my Tahitians and WSS (as well as the GSS that she already loves). She seems to be in no hurry to take them off, either. :D

I snagged this picture of her wearing the Tahitians today:
my daughter wearing my Tahitians.jpg
Gorgeous, PD! How fun to share them with her! My daughter is only 6 but I'm hoping when she gets older we can share jewelry.
Who wouldn't want to wear those gorgeous Tahitians? (Except a surly daughter, of course.) Glad she's come around :)
I want my daughter to some day want to share, then inherit my jewelry. Here they are in pretty bright sun.IMG_0172.jpgIMG_0172.jpgIMG_0172.jpg
I don't know why they're sideways and sure don't know why I'm seeing 3 identical photos side by side.
Triplets! :eek: ;)

Try hitting Edit > Go Advanced > Manage Attachments and see if the image uploaded 3 times. You can X out two of them (the X to delete an attachment appears in the upper right hand corner of the photo in question.)

Thanks for the photo in the sun! They look great!

BritM's pearls in the sun.jpg
BritM,! I can totally understand why you've got that gorgeous smile on with your recent purchase! Congrats on the pearl purchases!

PD, those are such beautifully colored Ts... it shouldn't take much to convince anyone to wear them!

JP, I finally added you on Instagram! So if you got a few comments from someone a couple of hours ago, well, that'd be me! :D