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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Lately, I've been doing a lot of sitting around and waiting. And I don't do waiting well - I need to be doing something. So, it was the perfect time to master knotting a long rope. This was the result. The knotting visibly improves along the length and I did have some trouble managing the length. Mid way through, I decided to change the knotting technique, so there is that as well. Regardless, it was a good experiment and learning experience. I am now ready for a "serious" long rope.

7mm baroque akoya
18k gold forged clasp (that can slip between pearls, nestling, to allow a Y necklace)



Active member
Looks great Lady_Disdain! At your convenience, could we ask for a closeup of the forged clasp ... one of yours?


Active member
Red, those are gorgeous!

Beatriz, I'm impressed. I'm done in after doing a 36 inch rope. I invariably accidentally break the thread when I'm almost done. I'm now in orbit clasp mode. They link together so well that I can make a rope of any length from shorter necklaces.


New member
Red, what a delicious combo you have! Love it.

Beatriz, beautiful work on the rope. It's lovely.


New member
Today's offering, after taking Jersey's excellent advice and putting this pendant on a spinel strand. I'm playing with adding tiny seed pearls to these pieces, what do you think?



New member
Thank you, JP and Cathy! I just ordered a bunch more of the seed pearls, the ideas are flowing... I had a bit of artist's block for a while but I think it's finally passing.


New member
Cicadalady, I love your jacket!!

I was wearing my baroque akoyas today. Never thought this strand would be of so much wear when buying it))

Baroque white akoyas.JPG

Akoya baroque outfit.JPG


New member
Laguna - That's a great length on you. That may be one reason you find so many uses for it. (Besides the fact that it's gloriously gorgeous!)