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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Hurray, Marianne!

maybe sitting on pearls that closely seen together is like sitting on one of those chunky-wood-bead mats?
if I were making the dress, I might have an open seam/vent all down the seat, to make two panels. That way you could have an underskirt to sit on, not pearls.
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Wonder what kind of pearls they were...the pearls on the bodice seemed quite large. Overall it was beautiful


New member
crickett - Those lavenders are amazing!

I'm wearing my natural white Hanadamas today and really don't like the pictures. But hey, some days are better than others!


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Gorgeous, lucious pearls! Ear shots please!

Today I'm wearing a Tahitian strand purchased from PP this last summer. It's a go-to strand with turtlenecks lately but they sure don't photograph very well (maybe I shouldn't blame the pearls lol!).

002.jpg007.jpg018.jpg021.jpgkelluvpearls -


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I'm wearing my natural white Hanadamas today and really don't like the pictures. But hey, some days are better than others!

I beg to differ. Your photos show some spectacular pearls! :)

Edit: Whoa! Please bring them back. I liked those pearly white photos.
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Mabe pearls and opal on silver

Mabe pearls and opal on silver

For months, I obsessed about this mabe pearl and opal necklace on Ebay, but I was afraid I wouldn't like it in real life. So when it went on sale last month, I decided to take the plunge.

I don't know if the mabe pearls are saltwater or freshwater, but the silver was crafted in Indonesia. Being in the 11mm range, it has a decent amount of shine and surface quality. The opals are 6x4mm have a surprising amount of fire, given that it's sold on Ebay.







New member
WOW! What a fantastic and unique piece! How nice that you'd wanted it and it went on sale! I'd love more neck shots when you get a chance. In different lighting.

Congrats and wear in health!


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Cyndaco, that's spectacular! Do you know where the mabe' pearls are from, or the origin of the necklace?
Oh, sorry; went back and read again ... now that you have the necklace, what do you think about "saltwater versus freshwater" on the mabes?


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CathyKeshi, the merchant says the mabe pearls are from saltwater oysters grown in Sulawesi, Indonesia. For opals, he used Australian doublets.

That mabe pearls are saltwater make sense, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese figure out how to grow mabe pearls in freshwater mussels.