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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Natural Pearl Lover
Ahhh beautifully classic look, BWeaves!

Lunch time fun - a few of my unset pearls... conch, quahog, abalone, P. sterna, P. penguin, P. maculata, GSSP, SoC, and Mississippi River pearls.
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baby nurse

New member
I adore that look, BWeaves! The 9mm choker and wss drops! Also, I wish I could figure out how to take such good earring/necklace selfies. One or the other is always out of focus in mine.

I want to frame that, MSC! All those beautiful colors and textures.


Active member
BN, Well, they're usually out of focus for me, too. I just keep taking photos until I get a good one.

PW, I love the Jackie Kennedy quote. I think I have something of Jackie Kennedy's that I'll post on my Ode à Ma Mère thread.

MSC, Oh, wow! That heart! All the pearls. Wow.


Active member
OK, someone bought those bright green drop earrings from Kamoka. Was it one of us? Fess up! We've all been lusting after them. It would be a shame if it wasn't one of us. Earshots!


New member
Lovely classic looks, BWeaves.
MSC I really love your colorful collection of different types of pearls. What a terrific collection!