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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

What a beautiful fireball. I would love to see a close up of it as well as the setting. It looks lovely on you! You wear pearls so beautifully!

Sea Urchin

New member
So many pretties! Thank you for sharing, everyone.

I've ordered some earrings from The Pearl Society (12.7mm metallic green) to go with my Pearl Paradise oval strand from the X-mas sale. I hope they go with it at least! I'm not crazy about the settings so I'll probably get different ones. Fingers crossed that they look good with my necklace.

green ts.jpg



New member
Thanks katbran and Pearly whites.
And Pearly here is the close up.
They are actually on simple eye pin and it's a pair so they can work as earrings as well.
I used a pendant enhancer to attach it to my chain.PhotoGrid_1488778221467.jpg
BW and MSC--Gorgeous Tahitians!!

I finished string my ripples. I strung them with 2.5mm diamond cut beads to give them sparkle and polish. I used power pro because I knew the knots would be hidden by the beads. My husband dug up his 50 year old wood burning iron which worked amazingly well to provide a nice clean cut to the power pro. I like them with the Burmese studs as well.


Pearly-Whites, I really love your latest project. Mauvey pinks are my favorite color in ripples. The little beads give real pizazz to the strand.


Active member
Pearly Whites, I love the addition of the beads with those ripples. They look wonderful!

I don't have a neck shot of this one, but it's a tin cup I made for someone very special in my life. The metallic luster is so difficult to capture on camera. IMG_1794.jpgIMG_1777.jpgIMG_1771.jpg

Here is another hopefully better photo:IMG_1796.jpg
Still not great...but at least they look somewhat better!
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New member
Bweaves and MSC loving those tahitians. So different in styles but all so gorgeous

Pearly the gold beads added a nice sparkly touch

JP what a lucky friend to receive the coin pearl tin cup

Today I'm wearing a tin cup of sorts. I dangled the tahitians off the chain. Still figuring with the proportions and deciding whether I like this dangling lookPhotoGrid_1488857467955.jpg


New member
Kalmen22, I like the dangle style tin cup necklace!

Today, I wore my new Tahitian keshi necklace:


The big turtleneck hides a lot of the necklace. So here it is on its own:



New member
Beautiful Ts BWeaves and MSC!

Pearly-Whites, they look fantastic restrung and that colour really suits you. Sadly I don't think I could pull it off!

JP, I'm not usually a fan of coin pears but those are lovely!

Kalmen, love this design and the colours really pop. Do you have a close up of the dangles?

Annie, Love the Tahitian Keshi! Are they from PP?


New member
Sunseeker - thanks!

Beautiful pearls. Pearly whites, I love your ripples.
JP, those coins have fantastic luster and color. Pretty necklace!
Kalmen, I love this on you with this shirt. The necklace shows the pearls well and the spacing is lovely!
Annie, love your Keshi. Those have nice size to them!


Natural Pearl Lover
Beautiful pearls, PW, Jersey, kalmen, and annie!

I haven't work this one in forever. There's a drop that can attach to the center pearl, but it's a bit much for the office. I would like to make some large stone drops to use with this necklace for a casual look.