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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Tahitians go so well with my winter clothes (even if it is 80F here today).

La Perlagrina from Kamoka, and my Kojima earrings.

Karmen--I am with you, I would love a blue akoya rope as well. The problem is finding one that has the beautiful depth of color that your earrings have. They are very pretty.

BW-That is a beautiful look with the blue. You have an amazing collection!


New member
Beautiful blues Karman! I'd also love to own a strand of blue akoya.

Pearly whites, that strand looks lovely on you!

I love your Kamoka pendant BWeaves!

Silver Ts for me, I really need to get on to restringing these!



New member
Well everyone looks so lovely !! Such gorgeous pearls. The lavender with aqua are such an unusual colour !
And Karman..those blue Baroque Akoya are beautiful pearls !!
BWeaves- Can't beat a good Tahitian Drop shape !! But I would DIE in that jacket at 80degrees !! It's been over 100 here for a few days...omg...dreadful outside!!
PearlyW Love the necklace and those earrings...I do hanker for some nice SS studs..
Hanadama - those silver look so pretty ! I do love the light silver greys ! And BWeaves is right..they look great on the white T-shirt!


New member
I love seeing everyone's lovely pearls! Karman, I especially like your blue earrings!

I'm wearing my Tahitian bracelet with the toggle clasp. The clasp makes it a dream to take on and off.




Super Moderator
I so love seeing everyone's gorgeous pearly treasures! I'm wearing one of my most treasured possessions today - a finistrino pendant I special-ordered from Hisano a couple ruckuses back. I just love the way her creations feel equally comfortable worn with velvet or jeans. Lusting for more...


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New member
Gorgeous pendant, la_corsetiere.

I pulled out a few of my "jewelz" today, (because, why not?), and added a frequently neglected Kasumi pearl pendant from Kojima to the mix. Portuguese cut briolettes in amethyst and citrine cut by Richard Homer and set by T Lee, and a gorgeous Indian moonstone set in gold with three diamonds by Studio Vincent. It was a warm day, with a high of 45 deg F here in the Northland. I began wearing a leather jacket and ended the day wearing a sweatshirt.


Putting a little sun on those brios.



New member
Annie that bracelet is gorgeous! Love the colours.

Sheri, WOW that is a masterpiece.

Red, love this look! The Kasumi works very well with your gems.


New member
Everyone looks SO nice!!! I'm wearing ... delicate, subtle blue/silver keshi rope with wild iridescent overtones, by Pattye ... love it; accesorized with flannel pj's and a BIG designer ... box of Kleenex ... NO photos.

Sheri, that little H is fabulous; my favorite is the pearl in pearl version ... so special and so stunning on you.
Red, the look of a true pearl explorer ... love it all!!!


Active member
Sheri: Wow, pearls on pearls on pearls. I love little h's creations with the pearls inside the pearls.

Hanadama: Those are gorgeous B/W pair. I'm finding that mine go with absolutely everything. I'm amazed. They match nothing, but GO with everything.

Red: I love all those drops.


New member
Ladies they are all so beautiful.

Annie love those colours on your tahitians bracelet

Sheri pearl within pearl ahhh. How brilliant and beautiful.

Hanadama Those mismatch do look lovely

Red Love how you style and adding the pendant is sublime.

Was in two minds about which look . Went with the rope coz it seemed slightly more casual.PhotoGrid_1486826045020.jpg