Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you!

Katbran - the butterfly is completely surrounded by silicone. It's much more secure and a bunch of earrings I've ordered from vendors on Etsy have come with them!
Karma--what beautiful studs they look great on you!!

MSC--you keep this thread young and creative!
OOOO, I love the Moonstone and drops earrings.

And those studs are to die for.
Thanks, BWeaves!

Attending a professional conference this week, which means I have to wear my uniform instead of pajamas all day (CRY!) Tonight is the social, so only fun pearls allowed.
fun pearls
Thank you BW and Pearly Whites :)

Lovely party pearls, MSC! That ring is so pretty (is that pearl with the halo of sparklies around it a ring? I can't tell)
I'm wearing some fun costume pearl jewelry today.
These are gold vermeil flowers with baroque SSP drops.
This particular pearl is pretty and luminous, but the pair is poorly matched IMO because the other pearl is more blemished and the lustre not as great. If I'm feeling adventurous, I might eventually replace both pearls with a pair of my choosing!

goldmith rob joining a ring
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Jp love the look. Gorgeous. Loving tweed and pearls.

Had an event. Paired my white edison and silver akoya on my cheongsam

white edison and silver akoya on my cheongsam
JP-You look very elegant! I am assuming that the pearls are some of your creations and I would love to see close ups!
Everyone is looking super stylish today (yesterday!)
I really like the little flower studs with pearl drops, Karman.
That necklace, Jersey! I think we all need to see a close up of that special one :)
What a pretty dress and strand pairing, kalmen!
Wow, you guys are killing me. I love all those looks from the pearls to the clothes.
OOh ladies! Love this group of pearls. Karmen, the size and drop are perfect on you. JP, you look like you are ready to conquer the world in those Tahitians and tweed. That's a power look.
kalmen, you look so feminine and the pearls dazzling.
Well done!
So stylish ladies here, Karman, JP and Kalmen. You wear your pearls really well.
Thanks everyone! <3

JP, that is the perfect outfit for those pearls.
Kalmen, your outfit is stunning and that Edison strand? WOW!
Thank u all.
Karman I couldn't see your pics earlier but now they are showing up.. so pretty I love a nice dangle.
Those edison from PP are lovely. But it was taken from low angle upwards so they look huge in the shot.
Karman, I love the little flowers on your earrings. They're really beautiful!

JerseyPearl, those are fantastic Tahitians. And I agree-- you look ready to take on anything in that outfit!

Kalmen, you look gorgeous! That's it, I want a cheongsam too.