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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
OOh ladies! Love this group of pearls. Karmen, the size and drop are perfect on you. JP, you look like you are ready to conquer the world in those Tahitians and tweed. That's a power look.
kalmen, you look so feminine and the pearls dazzling.
Well done!


New member
Thanks everyone! <3

JP, that is the perfect outfit for those pearls.
Kalmen, your outfit is stunning and that Edison strand? WOW!


New member
Thank u all.
Karman I couldn't see your pics earlier but now they are showing up.. so pretty I love a nice dangle.
Those edison from PP are lovely. But it was taken from low angle upwards so they look huge in the shot.

baby nurse

New member
Karman, I love the little flowers on your earrings. They're really beautiful!

JerseyPearl, those are fantastic Tahitians. And I agree-- you look ready to take on anything in that outfit!

Kalmen, you look gorgeous! That's it, I want a cheongsam too.


New member
Lavender pearls with aqua overtones today!

The body colour is a beautiful blueish lavender colour but for some reason it photographs muddy.


New member
Thanks ladies! :D

BW - love your Tahitians!
hanadama - those lavenders are so pretty, I think they're a great size for your ears!

I'm wearing these dainty and simple baroque blue Akoya drops today. They're 8-8.5mm and the colour and overtone are mesmerizing.
I would love to own an opera or rope length blue Akoya tin cup one day!

I have posted this strand before...it has been a busy week so I haven had an opportunity to post something new.

Tahitians with on white SSP with 10mm WSSP studs.IMG_1258.jpg


Active member
Tahitians go so well with my winter clothes (even if it is 80F here today).

La Perlagrina from Kamoka, and my Kojima earrings.

Karmen--I am with you, I would love a blue akoya rope as well. The problem is finding one that has the beautiful depth of color that your earrings have. They are very pretty.

BW-That is a beautiful look with the blue. You have an amazing collection!