Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I've been traveling for work and under the weather, but trying to catch up on this thread! Everyone's pearls are looking top notch!

Hello MSC... I've been wondering your whereabouts. So sorry you're under the weather I hope you are feeling better now!
Hope you feel better soon, MSC ... sounds like you need a good hard ground freeze to clear the hay fever ... only that brings its own new set of discomfort!
Purr accidents sometimes really workout well :) yours sure did!!! Have fun and enjoy your time with your mom.. Please take lots and lots of pictures. Travel safely, very safely.
Living in my pjs this week, but not without pearls
This thread may be my favorite place on the whole internet. Fabulous piece your MIL is wearing, ckrickett. And lovely pipis too, MSC.
It was a day for blue body Tahitians for me ;)


Couldn't decide which picture I like best so I posted both ;)


I really love this strand!!!
And two is always better when it comes to Blue! Those are so gorgeous, Newberry!
Lovely cute pipis, MSC.
I love your blue Tahitians, newberry but I'm green with envy (not blue with envy LOL)